Case Study

Building a Collaborative, Efficient Audit Management Framework at a Leading Global Petroleum Enterprise
The company manages some of the world’s largest reserves of crude oil and gas, as well as market service support centers across multiple continents. Home to thousands of employees, the company is sharply focused on assuring their health and safety. Wellness programs and state-of-the-art healthcare centers are supplemented with regular health inspections at all company, industrial, and supplier facilities.

A Leading Social Networking Company Streamlines Information Security and Risk Management to Counter Cyber-Threats
As Internet-based businesses build and scale their operations, the need to protect their user’s information and their own IT infrastructure becomes increasingly important. Information security is a big concern as recent high profile breaches at leading internet companies have demonstrated, and many Internet-based businesses see the value of using technology to build and sustain robust information security and IT risk management programs that protect them from emerging cyber threats.

Fast-Growing Mid-Sized Financial Services Institution Unifies Risk Processes, and Harmonizes Risk Language across the Enterprise
MetricStream’s cloud based risk management solution is helping the client streamline the full range of their risk management processes, establish a comprehensive risk register and common risk taxonomy, enhance risk visibility, and ensure better regulatory preparedness.

Financial Guarantee Insurance Provider Builds an Enterprise-Wide Culture of Risk Awareness and Strengthens Compliance
MetricStream solution has automated risk and compliance processes, improved visibility into risks and controls at the enterprise level, and provided advanced analytics to enable the client to better anticipate and respond to emerging risks.

A Leading Wholesale Cooperative Bank Strengthens Proactiveness, Resource-efficiency and Transparency of Risk, Compliance and Audit Management Processes
The MetricStream solution provided the bank with a unique blend of content and technology that enables a holistic approach to risk, compliance and audit management. 

A Leading Cooperative Bank Integrates, Streamlines and Automates IT-GRC Management
MetricStream provided the bank a comprehensive solution for IT-GRC that included IT Policy, IT Risk, IT Compliance, IT Audit and IT Issue Management capabilities. 

A Global Semiconductor Leader Unifies and Accelerates Product Quality Assurance Management across the Enterprise
MetricStream Product Quality Assurance Solution was the choice based on its flexibility, comprehensive reporting capabilities, automation, and ability to unify varied quality-based processes across the global enterprise. 

A Large Cooperative Bank Integrates GRC Processes for Superior Management of Risk, IT Compliance and SOx Programs
MetricStream provided the bank comprehensive solutions to manage overall risk and IT compliance - with capabilities for policy management, issue management and SOx compliance.

A Major Financial Organization Builds a Collaborative, Integrated Framework for Proactive Operational Risk Management
MetricStream provided the company a complete Operational Risk Management Solution built on an integrated GRC platform that integrates, streamlines and automates multiple ORM initiatives across the company's subsidiaries. 

A Major BCBS Affiliate strengthens its Healthcare Compliance through Automation and Integration
A Leading Healthcare coverage provider implemented MetricStream solution to track regulatory updates and manage the stringent compliance requirements of NAIC MAR and other CMS mandates. The solution helped the Compliance and Ethics Team track and investigates cases and manage policies and procedures. 

A Premier Electricity and Natural Gas Distribution Company Enables Continuous NERC Compliance through a Control-based Approach
MetricStream NERC Compliance Management Solution provided the company an integrated and automated approach to NERC Compliance management. The solution provides a centralized framework to manage all NERC standards, requirements, associated processes, assets and controls. 

Leading Clinical Research Organization Intensifies Compliance by Automating Audit and Corrective Action 
MetricStream helped the company to automate and streamline its audit management and CAPA management for ensuring complete compliance with all applicable regulations and detecting and correcting any adverse events early on. 

A Top Global Golf Equipment Manufacturer Strengthens Supplier Quality Compliance through Real-time Monitoring of Inspections and Process Capability
A Top Global Golf Equipment Manufacturer Strengthens Supplier Quality Compliance through Real-time Monitoring of Inspections and Process Capability 

A Leading Oil & Gas Company Strengthens and Streamlines Quality Management Process
The company focused on Oil and Gas exploration, as well as drilling, refining and distribution of petroleum products and natural gas uses MetricStream Integrated GRC platform, comprising Audit, Incident and CAPA Management solutions to enhance collaboration and visibility, simplify process management and increase cost efficiency.

Blue Cross Blue Shields Affiliates Adopt an Integrated Approach to Intensify Overall Compliance, Risk and Audit Management
MetricStream has partnered with several BCBS affiliate companies to institute an integrated solution that drives sustainable compliance-focused organizational culture. The solution manages their complete compliance and audit programs as well as support each organization's regulatory commitments and manage issues effectively on a common platform 

A BlueCross BlueShield Associate Achieves Superior Compliance, Audit and Issue Management
MetricStream provided a highly flexible GRC software architecture for managing its compliance and audit programs as well as for supporting the health insurance provider's regulatory commitments, catering to several thousand users. 

A Major Energy Company Embraces a Holistic, Strategic Approach to Risk Management
One of the largest energy companies in the US implemented MetricStream ERM solution to integrate risk information into management decision-making and drive a culture of business ownership while simultaneously ensuring compliance with industry and company standards. 

A Financial Planning Leader Streamlines and Simplifies Audit, Risk and Compliance Management
A financial planning leader implements solution to automate and streamline risk, compliance and audit management across the enterprise to track issues and trends in real-time, improve collaboration across the enterprise and provide in-depth visibility into audit statuses, risk factors, control assessments and more. 

A Fortune 500 Financial Services Company Successfully Manages Compliance with Customer Interaction Polices and Regulations 
The client is a leading financial services provider with a long and rich tradition of serving millions of customers in the US and Europe. The company offers a wide array of financial services including banking, mortgage, life, health, auto, and property insurance, as well as investments and financial advice. Leading publications and analysts have consistently rated the company as one of the best financial services companies in terms of customer service. 

Global Investment Management Firm Transforms its Operational Risk Management Program 
One of the world’s largest investment management firms.Headquartered in the US, the customer is one of the world's largest investment management firms. With offices in multiple countries, the company offers a variety of financial products and services to individual and institutional investors. 

A Globally Recognized Hospital Strengthens Its Compliance and Privacy Program 
The hospital, which is a part of the world’s leading research and teaching institutions, is known for its advanced processes and cutting edge technologies for treating complex medical conditions. The institution has been ranked as one of the best patient care providers. It treats thousands of patients every year, and plays a vital role in imparting training to physicians and other medical professionals. 

Payment Giant Automates Internal Audit Management for Improved Visibility, Risk Mitigation, and Resource Management 
The company has its global headquarters in the United States and offices in various regions across the world. The company provides services in hundreds of countries and territories. The company’s cardholders use their cards at millions of acceptance locations around the world. Processing billions of payments seamlessly across the globe, the company is a critical link among financial institutions and millions of businesses, cardholders and merchants worldwide. 

Fortune 500 Semiconductor Manufacturer Streamlines and Standardizes Global Policy Management 
As companies grow larger and more globalized with several thousand employees scattered across different geographies, one of their central challenges is to effectively manage and implement corporate compliance policies. Most of the time, policy management processes tend to become decentralized and fragmented, as each organizational division begins to draft, manage, and store its policies in different ways, formats, and systems.  

Aerospace and Industrial Manufacturer Successfully Steps up Quality Management and Operational Performance Processes 
The company is a leading manufacturer of forgings. With practically every aircraft’s safety and efficiency depending on its products, the Company places paramount importance on meeting highest product standards, process compliance and industry standard quality management processes such as AS9000, ISO 9000 and Six Sigma. 

Global Child Development NGO Automates Risk-based Internal Audits through a Cloud-based Audit Management Solution 
As an internationally recognized Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), the client constantly strives to balance its commitment to humanitarian work, with the need to mitigate multiple risks ranging from child labor, to corruption and misappropriation of funds. 

Food Safety Audit Provider Minimizes Food Safety Risk and Enhances Operational Compliance 
A leading provider of third-party food safety audit and education services is using MetricStream quality audit solution to strengthen its food safety initiatives while improving the overall goal of seeking operational efficiencies that would secure customer confidence and satisfaction. 

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