Case Study

Independent system operator achieves and ensures complete NERC compliance for its market participants
An Independent System Operator (ISO), which develops, enforces and monitors reliability standards and ensures compliance in the operations of the transmission systems of the entire province selects MetricStream NERC Compliance Management solution and Issue Management Solution to adhere and ensure market participants are complying to the reliability standards such as those instituted by NPCC and NERC.

A Fortune 500 Food Producer Automates and Streamlines Quality Audit Management
A global leader in the production of cereal and convenience foods adopts MetricStream's Quality Audit solution to strengthen its quality audit process and improve the efficiency of audit planning, implementation and follow-up ensuring that the most rigorous quality standards are met. 

A Leading Home Healthcare Provider Fortifies Audit and Compliance While Maintaining Utmost Security of Confidential Information
A Leading home healthcare provider in US chose MetricStream for managing RAC audits, ensuring the integrity of patient-related information through audits, managing compliance with regulations like HIPAA, tracking issues and implementing corrective action. 

A Leading Health Insurance Provider Strengthens Compliance Management
A Leading Health Insurance company strengthens its compliance management program leveraging MetricStream solution for regulatory alert tracking, market conduct examination tracking, conflict of interest surveys, accreditation, document management, fraud and abuse management. 

A European Bank Brings Compliance Risks under Control
As one of the oldest and foremost banking groups in France with operations in over 80 countries, the Bank focuses on three main areas of banking: Retail Banking and Specialized Financial Services, Corporate and Investment Banking, Global Investment Management and Services. 

Safety and Operational Audit Solution for an Airline
As one of the largest airlines with scheduled jet service to approximately 150 destinations, having effective quality and safety management systems with necessary control framework is critical for the company to ensure safety of the passengers and meeting regulatory compliance requirements. 

NAIC MAR Compliance Solution for a Health Insurance Provider
NAIC MAR Compliance Solution for Leading provider of health insurance in a mid-western state. The Insurance company is a leading provider of health insurance to large companies, small businesses, families and individuals in a mid-western state in the USA and an affiliate of Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Association. With a long tradition of healthcare coverage that started in the 1930s, the client provides benefit administration for nearly 717,000 people today. 

Automating Document Management for Efficiency, Visibility, and FDA Compliance
A global chemistry-based drug discovery, development and manufacturing company: The Customer has achieved end-to-end automation for management and control for all types of documents such as SOPs, regulatory filings, cGMP and internal quality requirements. All documents are stored in central repository and with clearly defined lifecycle stages, templates, classification methods, search parameters, numbering schemes, revision control and association and obsolescence rules. 

Powering Compliance at an Energy Major
One of the largest electric utilities in the US with a generation capacity of about 30,000 MW and has revenues of more than $10 billion: MetricStream is enabling the company to adopt an integrated compliance strategy through an enterprise-level framework for managing all regulatory requirements and ERM programs. The solution provides comprehensive functionality for SOX Compliance and ERM as well as FERC and NERC regulations and corporate policies for standard of conduct. 

ERM: Aligning Risk Management to Corporate Goals
A global organization with a robust product portfolio, multiple distribution channels and a complex regulatory scenario: Legal and regulatory requirements drove the need for a more robust approach to risk management. The recognition of the fact that much of company's risk exposure was not covered led the senior management to look for an innovative comprehensive solution that could help them identify the gaps or inefficiencies in their risk coverage, apply a maturity risk model to help identify current and desired future states and develop plans to help close gaps and overcome inherent inconsistencies.

Aligning Global Quality Processes with Customer Focus
One of the largest and most well-known semiconductor companies: Given the complex nature of semiconductor manufacturing and the varied scenarios in which they are used, the company works closely with its customers to ensure responsiveness to and alignment with customer needs. Handling and resolving product quality issues reported by customers in a consistent and predictable manner is key to customer retention. 

Automating Key Business Processes for Internal Audits and Regulatory Compliance
For Banking Institutions, the need of the hour was a centralized audit management framework that could automate and manage entire audit life cycle - from planning and scheduling audits to developing standard audit plans, collecting field data, developing and reviewing audit reports and recommendations, and implementing audit recommendations and remediation. 

Internal Audit Solution for a Global Bank
One of the world's leading global wealth management, a top global investment banking and securities firm, and one of the largest global asset management company having $450 billion in client assets, undertook a comprehensive evaluation of the existing incumbent vendor along with all the leading GRC platform vendors. The systems were examined in detail for integrated capabilities of Internal Audit and Risk Management along with Compliance and Document Management. 

Leveraging Technology to Rationalize and Streamline Compliance Efforts
The largest electronic stock market in the US with over 3, 200 listed companies: MetricStream addressed governance, risk and compliance with a broad, multi-regulatory platform that solved the current business problems as well as delivered the capability to be easily extended to address newer requirements that may arise in the future. 

Automating Loss Management in a Global Bank
Loss prevention is an important aspect of risk management; and endeavors to optimize performance of the bank by understanding, and mitigating the effects of adverse operational losses on its business. 

Excellence in Quality and Compliance in Patient Care through Automated Business Processes
One of the most dependable healthcare companies with over 56, 000 health professionals: The MetricStream solution has been implemented to automate and improve auditing, corrective actions and complaints handling - critical business processes that support delivery of quality patient care. The system provided a complete set of pre-defined, standard, role-based workflows that were rapidly configured based on customer's own business rules and policies. 

Automated and Efficient Product Issue Tracking for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
A Fortune 1000 company and a leading Flash Memory brand: To deliver best-in-class and consistent quality, reliability and process excellence initiatives across its diverse products portfolio and customer profile, the Company has a central Corporate Quality function that oversees quality programs for handling and resolving product quality issues reported by customers as well as compliance with regulatory and customer mandates such as RoHS Directive and ISO 14000. 

Excellence in Quality and Compliance through System Alignment and Integration
A Fortune 500 manufacturer of diesel engines: The company has established well defined processes to comply with key industry standards and regulations such as QS 9000, TS 16949, ISO 18000, OSHA, Six Sigma, ISO 14000 and Environmental Health and Safety. By leveraging a common infrastructure for all its quality and compliance applications, the Company has achieved enterprise-wide visibility and control which localized point-applications did not provide. 

Streamlining Quality Management Processes in High Growth Enterprises
A Fortune 1000 manufacturer of unified storage systems: The company had instituted a Root Cause Corrective Action (RCCA) Seven Step Process and terminology that was standardized across its worldwide locations. The company needed an enterprise-wide system to implement its RCCA methodology consistently and to ensure that investigation and resolution of quality problems and communication on progress was done in a uniform manner across the organization. 

Reputed Financial Services Provider Adopts an Integrated and Agile Approach to SOX Compliance and Internal Audits
The client is deeply committed to maintaining a culture of integrity, accountability, and transparency across the enterprise. To that end, they invest considerable time and effort in maintaining consistent compliance with SOX requirements, assessing risks, and auditing internal controls.

An Energy Major Implements a Single, Cohesive System for Managing Audits, Enterprise Risk, and Issues
To maintain the highest possible standards of safety, while maximizing the production of natural gas, the client had established rigorous risk and audit programs. However, the vastness, complexity, and scale of the company’s operations made it challenging for them to gain an integrated view of risk at the enterprise level, or track the progress of audits across various processes and locations.

A Premier Community Bank Enables a Collaborative and Federated Approach to GRC
Increased regulatory scrutiny, an overwhelming number of regulations, and complex market, credit, and operational risks are major challenges that mid-sized banks face today. As they strive to expand their product portfolio and compete in an industry dominated by global banks, mid-sized banks are expected to comply with the same regulations despite having leaner IT infrastructure and fewer resources.

Manufacturing Giant Chooses MetricStream for Ethics Management Solution
The company is a leading player in the global power and diesel technology markets. They are a manufacturer of diesel and natural gas engines, electric power generation systems, and engine-related component products serving customers in multiple countries and territories.

Hospitality Major Transitions to a Centralized and Web-based Approach to Internal Audit Management
The client is renowned worldwide for its distinctive standards of hospitality and services. To ensure that these standards are consistently maintained, the client conducts regular internal audits of all its hotels and resorts worldwide. A team of up to 25 auditors travels to over 100 global locations, armed with pre-defined audit checklists and criteria to evaluate various aspects of each hotel, including Rooms, Food and Beverage, Engineering, HR, IT, Finance, Purchasing, Projects, Marketing, Spa and Health Centers, and Executive Offices.

Optimizing Sarbanes-Oxey Compliance for Better Business Performance
The company embarked on a comprehensive compliance and risk management plan to enhance operational effectiveness across its principal subsidiaries. A close scrutiny of existing organizational architecture, however, revealed that the company's existing system for managing risk, controls, and reporting had a number of limitations...

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