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The Client:A local government body in Australia that manages the planning, infrastructure, economic development, health, security, environmental, and cultural needs of their town with a population of tens of thousands.


The client is committed to improving the health and safety of its citizens, and complying with associated legislation, by recording, investigating, reporting, and resolving health and safety incidents. The organization also promotes the analysis of incident data in order to identify trends and risks, and develop strategies to keep incidents in check.

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Previously, most of these processes were performed manually. Incident managers would use multiple spreadsheets and papers to record various types of incidents. The information would then be stored in various files, and communicated either manually or via email to the incident manager and incident coordinator. 

Keeping track of all this information became increasingly challenging, considering that there were hundreds of incidents in various forms that had to be reported and investigated every year. Most of the time, incident data was scattered across different documents, papers, files, and emails. Therefore, incident managers had to spend considerable time and effort sifting through all the information, consolidating it into reports, and performing the required analyses.

The other challenge was managing policies and documents related to health and safety and other compliance requirements. Most of these policies were created and managed in separate siloes across the organization. This made it difficult for users to locate policy information. Moreover, there was always the risk of contradictory of duplicate policies being created due to the information siloes that existed.

Faced with these challenges, the client decided to adopt a new system that would automate their health and safety incident management processes, integrate all their policies in a centralized repository, while streamlining their policy management lifecycle. The organization also needed a system that would strengthen reporting and analysis of the incidents occurring within the locality and the various sub-organizations associated with it. 

Upon evaluating several solution providers, the client selected MetricStream as best suited to meet their needs. Through MetricStream, they were able to get a single, scalable platform to manage all their health and safety incident processes, as well as their policy and document processes, and any other governance, risk, and compliance requirements. So, instead of struggling with multiple siloes and cumbersome spreadsheets, the organization was able to integrate their data on one, common, transparent platform.

The MetricStream system also met the client’s requirement of presenting a single view of each incident report, and allowing various types and details of incidents to be captured as per the Australian Standards. The system automatically populated incident management forms based on different selection criteria. It also provided the flexibility to capture varying incident data, route it to multiple users, enable review and evaluation, support investigations, facilitate risk assessments, assign action owners, and maintain all the information in a single record.

Furthermore, the MetricStream Platform and Apps offered the ability to automate multiple health and safety and policy management processes. This saved the organization a significant amount of time and effort, enabling them to focus on more critical tasks such as health and safety incident analysis.

Below are the key capabilities of the MetricStream Apps which fulfilled the requirements of the client:

Incident Management App

Incident Recording, Review, and Tracking
When a health and safety incident occurs, an incident reporter at the client organization uses the MetricStream App to capture the incident type and details like severity, location, date, and time. The fields in the incident management form dynamically change based on the selection of who was involved in the incident – employee, contractor, public, or volunteer.

The reporter can quickly capture the incident impact areas by clicking on supporting images if the incident impacted personnel, vehicles/ plans, and equipment/ property damage. Multiple witnesses and their details can also be captured. The App then routes the data to the responsible incident manager for review and analysis. At each stage, the incident can be tracked in real time.

Incident Investigation
Using the MetricStream App, the incident manager gets a complete view of the incident. Based on the report he or she can either ask the reporter for more details, or decide if further investigation is required. The manager can also link the incident to previous similar incidents, and determine risk assessment plans accordingly. If the incident is reportable, the App enables the use to select the reportable entity, and send it for review to the health and safety coordinator.

Risk Management
The MetricStream Incident Management App integrates with the MetricStream Enterprise Risk Management App, so that at the click of a button, incident managers can determine the kind of risk assessments that were conducted for an incident. They can also map multiple incidents together to identify the associated risks.

Corrective and Preventive Action
Once the incident investigation is complete, the App enables the incident manager to prepare a detailed corrective action plan. He or she can quickly select controls and actions from a pre-defined list, or add new controls and actions. The findings are rated, assigned to owners, and tracked for execution. Later, the data is routed to the incident coordinator who gets the form with fields auto-populated from previous stages. Based on the details, he or she reviews and approves the incidents up to closure.

Claims Monitoring
If an injury claim is made, the MetricStream App enables the client to map the claim to the associated injury or incident, and monitor the status and progress of the claim from initiation to closure in order to ensure that it has been effectively handled.

Reports and Dashboards
The MetricStream App simplifies the reporting process by automatically populating and generating reports in pre-defined formats. Thus, incident managers and coordinators get a comprehensive view of incident data, and can drill down to view further details. Graphical dashboards provide multiple levels of visibility into each incident, enabling the data to be sliced and diced from various perspectives in order to identify incident trends and potential risks.

The App also provides powerful analytics to track and measure incident data against safety and performance metrics. Alongside, graphical body maps enable managers to effectively visualize bodily injuries. All reports and dashboards can be emailed, exported to Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF formats, and directly printed.

Policy and Document Management App

Policy Creation, Review, and Approval
The MetricStream App enables the client to create and categorize new compliance policies and documents, or modify existing ones in a consistent and systematic manner. Users have the flexibility to design inline policies, and collaborate with other stakeholders to create and improve policies.

After a policy or document is created, the App routes either the whole document or sections of it for review and approval. Multiple users can review the policy or document simultaneously, adding their comments or feedback. Since each document or policy has a different set of users, reviewers, and approvers, the App supports multiple policy management lifecycles.

Policy Communication and Implementation
After a policy or document is approved, the MetricStream App helps stakeholders distribute it to the relevant stakeholders through email notifications and alerts. Based on their roles, stakeholders have varying levels of access to a policy or document. They can read and accept it, and also attest to their understanding of it through the App.

Policy Exception Management
The MetricStream App enables users to request for a policy exception. The App helps review and approve each exception, supersede it if required, and track and manage the exception and associated risks.

Policy Storage and Discovery
The MetricStream App provides a single point of reference for the client to manage and maintain over 140 policies and documents. Because the information is centrally located, it is easy for users to locate the policy or document that they need based on the policy or document attributes, content, author, and other parameters. The App also has secure, role-based access controls, helping ensure that only those users who are authorized to see a policy or document will be allowed to do so.

Policy Reporting and Dashboards
Through the MetricStream App, the client has real-time visibility into their policy and document management processes. Executive dashboards with drill-down capabilities provide comprehensive metrics and data based on the policy or document type, status, approval cycles, usage summaries, review periods, and other key parameters. Thus, the client can easily track the status of various policies and documents, and identify areas of concern.


The client chose MetricStream for the following reasons:

  • The MetricStream system comes with advanced location and user-specific security and access controls.
  • The MetricStream GRC Platform provides a single, scalable infrastructure to manage incidents, risks, policies, and other data in an integrated and holistic manner.
  • Powerful reporting tools, dashboards, and analytics transform raw data into valuable business intelligence.
  • The MetricStream Platform can be extended to add on other MetricStream Apps. In fact, apart from the Incident and Policy Management Apps, the client has also chosen to implement the MetricStream Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) App.


  • Faster Investigation and Resolution of Health and Safety Incidents
    The MetricStream Incident Management App has streamlined and automated multiple workflows for incident capture, investigation, tracking, corrective action, and reporting. This has saved the client significant costs, time, and effort, and enabled them to focus on more important activities such as incident analysis.
  • Better Incident Visibility, More Informed Decision-Making
    Instead of having to deal with multiple, scattered documents and files, the client now has a single point of reference to manage and track health and safety incidents across thousands of people. This centralized, realtime visibility has enabled them to strengthen incident analysis, visualize incident and injury trends more clearly, and take informed decisions to lower the incident rate.
  • Simpler, Quicker Policy Retrieval
    The MetricStream Policy and Document Management App scales across the enterprise, integrating 140+ policies and documents in a central, web-based repository where they can be easily and securely accessed from anywhere across the organization.
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance
    With the MetricStream App, the client has enabled a more consistent, effective, and sustainable approach to policy and document creation and management. Redundancies and inefficiencies have also been minimized. As a result, the client has strengthened compliance with multiple Australian standards.

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