Data breach from a single third-party can significantly impact an organization. While organizations deploy stringent controls on the internal environment, they have limited control over the security measures taken by the third-party. The FICO® Cyber Risk Score evaluates network assets and organizational behaviors that define the security posture of any organization. The data behind the Cyber Risk Score is continually sourced to reflect the current security landscape. Machine learning is used to discover relationships between evidence and known outcomes in order to produce a security score that is a data-driven, not opinion-based, assessment of risk.

The MetricStream and FICO Integrated Offering

The integration of FICO with MetricStream Third-Party Management App provides Cyber Risk Score and ratings related to third parties. This enables holistic assessment of third party security risk when combined with MetricStream's third-party risk assessment capabilities. This helps in consolidating the various approaches of risk assessment into one GRC platform and taking actions based on this data. The FICO® Cyber Risk Score improves visibility into the cyber posture of third parties and the possibility of a cyber breach with quantified insights. The MetricStream Third-Party Management App provides a centralized repository of all third parties and automates the third-party due diligence/risk assessment process. The security score from FICO is used to screen new third parties, continuously monitor the changes in the score, and automate the assignment of finding to the relevant teams for mitigation. When the FICO score breaches the threshold, automated assessments are assigned for further analysis.

Value Proposition

  • Quantify third party risk exposure with FICO® Cyber Risk Score

  • Strengthen risk management with automatic generation of assessments in case of FICO threshold breach

  • Gain agility in risk mitigation with automatic creation of findings and recommendations when the FICO score changes

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