Addressing the growing cyber threats is a challenge faced by all organizations today. Increasing incidents across industries have mandated the need for comprehensive and structured approach to mitigate exposure from such risks. BitSight’s security ratings provide a dynamic measurement of an organization’s cybersecurity performance that is both material and validated. BitSight’s Security Ratings Platform continuously analyzes vast amounts of external data on security issues and behaviors in order to help organizations manage third-party risk, underwrite cyber insurance policies, benchmark performance, conduct M&A due diligence, and assess aggregate risk.

The MetricStream and BitSight Integrated Offering

The MetricStream Third-Party Management App integrates with BitSight, a pioneer in security rating services, to enable proactive identification and mitigation of cybersecurity risks in the extended enterprise. Cybersecurity ratings from BitSight enable customers to use MetricStream’s industry-leading Third-Party Management App to rank and prioritize third parties based on their cybersecurity risk exposure. Combined with additional intelligence gathered through the MetricStream App, the BitSight rating helps customers to focus due diligence and ongoing monitoring on the third parties with the highest risk exposure. BitSight’s cybersecurity insights along with MetricStream’s M7 Third-Party Management App equips organizations with the intelligence and tools they need to make better business decisions that protects them from evolving cyber threats.

Value Proposition

  • Stay resilient with an early view into third parties’ cybersecurity risks by leveraging risk ratings and content to prioritize due diligence and monitoring.

  • Be better informed about third and fourth party ratings with tools to rank, prioritize, and qualify their cybersecurity risk exposure.

  • Gain a dynamic view of changes in ratings facilitated by continuous monitoring and automated report creation. 

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