Did you know that the effective and efficient management of reported cases not only helps your organization mitigate risks, but also improves your competitive advantage?

Case management is becoming increasingly critical in today’s corporate landscape with reports of harassment, fraud, conflicts of interest, security breaches, and bribery. Companies that have the right processes, tools, and information to track these cases, investigate them, and take proactive action are well-positioned to mitigate the risk of lawsuits, regulatory penalties, and reputational damage.

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MetricStream Case Management App

The MetricStream Case Management App enables you to establish and follow consistent procedures for case recording, routing, investigation, tracking, task management, status reporting, and analytics. The app also streamlines the development and implementation of remediation and corrective action plans across the enterprise.

The real-time visibility provided by the MetricStream app enables you to track each case through its lifecycle from potential risk identification to closure, following the appropriate process of confidentiality and anonymity. The app also provides the ability to identify and track the quantitative impact of liabilities related to complaints and allegations, thereby strengthening compliance management. A powerful analytics and reporting capability with graphical dashboards helps you identify case related trends, perform a root cause analysis, and transform the case management program from reactive to proactive.

Why MetricStream Case Management App

The MetricStream Case Management App provides the following key benefits:

  • A Systematic and Consistent Approach to Case Management

    The app helps establish a consistent case management process across business units, divisions, and global locations by streamlining workflows -right from case recording, to case resolution.

  • Faster Decision-making

    The app automates case management workflows, enabling you to accelerate and improve decision-making at both the individual and group level.

  • Improved Process Management

    The app provides an intuitive interface to highlight case items and tasks that need immediate action. It keeps the case moving smoothly from start to finish.

  • Meaningful, Organized Information

    The app transforms case management from reactive to proactive by providing on-demand, centralized access to meaningful case data. You can also view detailed documentation on the case investigations necessary for legal or management reviews.

  • Strong Reporting Capability

    The app generates reports and dashboards to identify workflow bottlenecks and other inefficiencies. These reports help you drive improvements in case management, and strengthen compliance with regulations.

  • Enterprise-wide View of Cases

    The app provides visibility into various cases and incidents across the enterprise, and helps identify departmental and enterprise risks and trends. It also helps ensure that appropriate action is taken to reduce liabilities, and prevent the recurrence of a case.

Case Creation

Platform Highlights

The case management app is built on the MetricStream GRC Platform, a robust and scalable infrastructure that provides the following core services and capabilities:

  • 1

    Workflow Engine
    The embedded workflow engine helps you route case information, manage the relationship between cases, and assign tasks based on pre-defined business rules and conditions.

  • 2

    Data Mapping
    The platform supports a highly intuitive visualization of relationships between cases, processes, departments, risks, controls, and regulations.

  • 3

    An Adaptive and Flexible Data Model
    Through the platform, you can create forms, fields, reports, and workflows that support specific business requirements – without any programming or code change.

  • 4

    Alerts and Notifications
    The platform utilizes email extensively to deliver event-based notifications, alerts, and escalations.

  • 5

    Secure, Role-based Access for Users
    The platform restricts user access to data based on the nature and type of each case. It also offers strong access controls and role-based landing pages and tabs.

  • 6

    Built-in Reporting Engine
    Powerful reports, analytics, and business intelligence capabilities enable management teams to make decisions based on case types, findings, and data trends.

  • 7

    Integration with External Systems
    The platform provides the ability to retrieve, store, and deliver data to and from external systems such as risk management systems, policy management systems, and audit management systems. It also supports LDAP-based authentication models and other single sign-on technologies.

Case Investigation


The MetricStream Case Management App provides the following functionalities:

  • Case Recording and Routing

    Using the MetricStream app, you can enter a case manually, or trigger it from sources such as emails, online portals, and hotlines. The triage queue lines up incoming cases from varying sources, and enables them to be routed to one person or many people. The app also helps capture and classify cases based on pre-defined criteria, including severity levels. You can attach documents to the case, and even re-open or update closed cases.

  • Review and Monitoring

    The MetricStream app automatically routes each case for review and reporting to authorized users based on pre-configured rules. Once a case is reviewed, you can initiate an investigation, cancel the case, or put it on hold if the details of the case cannot be substantiated. The app captures the details of the action plan, and routes it for approval. It also enables authorized users to provide comments or feedback on open cases.

  • Case Investigation

    The MetricStream app enables you to trigger internal or external investigations for each case in order to identify why it occurred, and who was responsible for it. Investigative tasks can be assigned to multiple users, enabling parallel investigations. Tasks are driven through collaborative workflows, and have clearly defined due dates based on the case severity level. You can closely track the investigations, and capture the work done through comprehensive audit trails and reports.

  • Remedial Action

    The MetricStream app enables cases to be sent directly for closure, or for further investigation and remedial action. After the investigation, multiple remedial actions can be assigned and tracked for every finding. The app also helps manage and monitor the remedial action. Cases are closed only after the effectiveness of the remedial action is verified.

  • Reporting and Metrics

    Graphical dashboards with drill-down capabilities provide comprehensive visibility into the case management process, and highlight high-priority cases that need to be addressed. You can track each case in real time, and leverage built-in analytics for trend analyses. Data can be sliced and diced from various angles to understand the impact of a case, and to enable effective and quick decision-making. The real-time and relevant data enables you to identify potential risk areas, and quickly prepare reports for members of leadership and the Board.

Reports and Dashboards

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