For many enterprises, it can be challenging to effectively manage surveys and self-assessments that certify compliance with different GRC requirements such as codes of conduct, anti-bribery, information security awareness, and prevention of conflicts of interest. The traditional, manual approach to survey management can often be complex and tedious.

However, survey data plays a critical role in providing enterprise-wide visibility into compliance, while accelerating decision-making. Therefore, it is imperative to manage surveys in a simple, streamlined, and organized manner. It is also critical that companies are able to analyze large volumes of survey data swiftly, and generate online or offline reports in industry-standard formats to meet the informational requirements of stakeholders. To achieve these objectives, an easy-to-use platform with robust survey management features is key.

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Metricstream Survey Management App

The MetricStream Survey Management App enables you to manage and track surveys in an automated, systematic, and efficient manner. The app streamlines the flow of survey data and information in the enterprise, and helps users document attestations and representations at various stages.

Using the app, you can configure and execute surveys to assess compliance with multiple policies and regulations. The app helps create, initiate, respond to, and approve surveys seamlessly. It also enables surveys to be scheduled at any desired frequency. Powerful analytics and reporting tools, as well as graphical dashboards, provide real-time insights into survey findings, helping you make informed decisions.

The app's "multi-dimensional organization structure" capability supports the needs of enterprise customers that have complex organizational setups and multiple business functions across various locations. It helps ensure that all regulations, risks, controls, surveys, and issues are mapped to the respective business functions, locations, and legal entities. Thus, country heads or business unit heads gain a holistic view of the status of compliance in their respective geographies or business units.

The app is also certified for conformance with global accessibility standards and best practices as defined by WCAG 2.1 Level AA and Section 508.

Why Metricstream Survey Management App

  • Enables a Systematic Approach to Survey Management

    Standardizes and streamlines the overall survey management process across global business units, divisions, and locations

  • Facilitates Survey Development and Distribution

    Supports survey creation, communication, distribution, process management, and decision-making across the enterprise

  • Enables a Comprehensive Approval Process

    Provides a clearly defined, step-by-step process for survey response approvals; enables approvers to request for further clarifications if needed

  • Delivers Advanced Response Forms

    Provides comprehensive and intuitive response forms to capture survey responses in an efficient manner

  • Supports Informed Decision-Making

    Delivers a comprehensive and in-depth view of survey processes and data through advanced reports and dashboards; enables stakeholders to clearly understand the status of risk and compliance in the organization, and make informed decisions

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M7 Platform Highlights

  • 1

    Engaging and Personalized User Experience
    Makes survey management processes context-sensitive and personalized for each user; facilitates an intuitive and engaging user experience

  • 2

    Supports app configurations and extensions in an upgrade-safe and scalable manner through the MetricStream AppStudio configuration framework; helps the organization adapt to change quickly

  • 3

    Mobility and Layering
    Provides a responsive interface that allows survey management processes to be managed across devices; leverages a REST API integration framework to layer survey management over heterogeneous IT systems and business critical infrastructure

  • 4

    Reporting and Analytics
    Delivers powerful visualization tools and analytics to manage and monitor survey management trends, data relationships, and actions in real time across the extended enterprise

  • 5

    Lean and Robust Architecture
    Is built on a lean, modern, scalable, and extensible architecture that enables the global digital enterprises of today to seamlessly scale up and support new users, while also adding new apps and solutions to meet changing organizational needs


  • Survey Creation and Initiation

    Leverage the app to create and upload survey questionnaires, scorecards, and certifications. Specify the rules to display conditional questions based on the responses to a previous question. Add questions and information in tabular or grid formats. Indicate whether a questionnaire for a survey requires scoring or not. Design a comprehensive survey management plan, detailing the frequency of the survey. Automatically trigger the survey / scorecard / certification assignments, as well as reminders to respond to the survey, and approval workflows delegating single or multiple approvers. Distribute the survey to respondents directly from the app.

  • Survey Response Management

    Enable users to respond to surveys in both online and offline modes. Either use the online web application, or work on responses offline with Microsoft Excel and then upload the final report. Enable them to also add multiple rows, and enter responses to tabular format questions, as well as action details wherever required. Offer them access to additional information in the form of contextual reports that can help them respond to the survey more effectively. Pre-populate a new survey with responses received from a previous one, with similar questions. Provide support for respondents to add other users as collaborators on the survey. If the survey is not applicable to the respondent, enable him or her to reassign it to another user. Track the completion status of the survey responses, and print the survey while in progress, or when complete. Also, offer administrators the flexibility to reopen closed responses (there is a configuration parameter to control how long after survey completion the responses can be reopened).

  • Survey Approval

    After the responses have been collected, route the forms to approvers for comments. Enable the approvers to add comments for reference, accept the responses, or request for further clarifications from the respondents. Recall the clarification assignment if no further information is required. Once the review cycle is complete, publish the survey results through the app.

  • Issue Management

    Record, manage, and remediate issues that are identified in the survey management process. Capture detailed information about each issue, categorize it based on severity levels, and identify the responsible department or user. Establish action plans to resolve the issue, and track the implementation of these plans to closure.

  • Monitoring, Reporting, and Metrics

    Gain enterprise-wide visibility into the survey management process through graphical executive dashboards and flexible reporting capabilities. Select the type of report or dashboard view needed to access the survey results in detail. Generate reports to track survey metrics, along with scorecards and compliance dashboards. Drill down to view survey related statistics and data by a variety of parameters.

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