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Case Study: Salesforce - Common Control Framework

“We have all these regulations across the globe for different industries that we are catering to. And these regulations are only increasing by the day. The stringency of the regulators is not getting any lower.”

Sundar Venkat
Senior Director of Technology Compliance,

Salesforce: Common Control Framework

As a company that pioneered the cloud computing model, Salesforce grew and expanded very quickly into new markets and geographies. However, this rapid growth came at a price: challenges in terms of multiple local and global regulations, audits and certifications that continued right through the year, and cumbersome testing processes – all of which created a tremendous amount of fatigue for business partners. Sundar Venkat talks about how Salesforce overcame these challenges through a broad vision, strong governance, control rationalization, streamlined audits, and more. He also discusses the innovation and transformation that has made Salesforce such a strong company.

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