Pervasive GRC

A truly unifying and Pervasive GRC technology can help organizations build a centralized and transparent GRC ecosystem. It can support an enterprise-wide culture of GRC awareness and accountability by enabling and empowering each employee and business function to manage their risk and compliance responsibilities independently, while simultaneously rolling up data from across the enterprise to provide a complete top-level GRC perspective. Amidst Big Data challenges, cyber threats, global supply chain disruptions, market volatility, and complex government regulations, the challenge of building a GRC-focused culture is daunting. We have to commit to this vision, and take proactive measures towards fulfilling it in a sustainable, methodical, analytical, and proactive way. Doing so will allow us to create more enduring value for our stakeholders. Pervasive GRC is MetricStream's vision for the future, representing our desire to help organizations build strong, risk-aware cultures, and to ultimately enable individuals, businesses, and governments to thrive on risk.


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