Keynote: M7 and the Upcoming Cutting-Edge GRC Technology

“When I say next gen, I don’t mean it as very far in the future, but in 2019, when we meet again at the summit.”

Andreas Diggelmann
EVP and Chief Technology Officer

M7 and the Upcoming Cutting-Edge GRC Technology

At the GRC Summit 2016, MetricStream announced its M7 platform. With a cloud-first architecture and intuitive user interface, M7 promised greater mobility, better reporting and analytics, and new levels of configurability. At the 2018 summit, Andreas Diggelmann notes the promises kept and takes us through the impact that M7 has brought customers over the years. Find out more in this keynote as he talks about utilizing M7 to drive greater performance, and provides a glimpse of the cutting-edge GRC technology that MetricStream will bring in the future.

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