Airlines Industry

The airline industry is required to align their business functions and strategies to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). Besides compliance to Airworthiness Directives (ADs) and FAA regulatory requirements, Airlines face the huge challenge managing risks and providing accurate analyses of quality data to ensure better decision-making.

MetricStream GRC Apps and Solution for Airlines allows you to meet the increasing regulatory and reporting requirements, while lowering associated costs. Built on the robust and scalable MetricStream GRC Platform, you can utilize workflow-driven web-based solutions to amp up efficiency and ROI while keeping pace with FAA safety directives. MetricStream also offers industry’s most advanced and comprehensive suite of solutions for safety, quality, risk, compliance and incident management for the airline industry.

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MetricStream GRC Apps and Solutions for the airline industry

MetricStream GRC Apps and Solutions for the airline industry successfully manage regulatory compliance, and effective quality, safety, and risk management while keeping productivity at an optimum level.

Our GRC Solutions for the airlines industry asses the large inflow of data to increase visibility and data tracking, maintain performance levels, and improve quality, safety, and risk management, while cutting compliance costs. Effective management of controls to ensures timely reviews and adherence to quality mandates across your enterprise including the supply chain, while document management and reporting capabilities cover inspections and maintenance. Our solutions also have embedded best practices from leading airlines, and executive dashboards for management oversight and visibility.


  • Centralize risk management for risk analysis and monitoring.
  • Facilitate audits and inspections for operational efficiency.
  • Manage safety and control risks across departments and functions.
  • Lower the cost of safety and quality management as well as regulatory compliance.
  • Provide real-time reporting and visibility into compliance.
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