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Regulatory Intelligence for Banks

A primary concern for the Chief Compliance Officer or the compliance function of a financial institute is to manage the increasing volume and complexity of regulations. What makes the regulatory environment more complex is the increasing intervention by the government to vigilantly monitor the global financial system and more strictly supervise financial institutions.

In this dynamic regulatory environment, most financial institutes are struggling to keep pace with regulatory changes while managing the entire repository of the regulatory content.

Financial institutes and banks need to be effective and efficient in tracking and managing regulatory changes, both in the domestic and the international market. This requires detecting, tracking, and understanding the impact of regulatory changes on different business units and product lines. The legal and compliance teams, and business units must be updated on the latest regulatory changes and their impact on the business.

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MetricStream Regulatory Intelligence and Content Management Software Solution

The MetricStream solution has been deployed by several leading banks and financial institutes for continuously monitoring regulatory changes and providing a centralized repository of all regulatory content.

The solution comes with in-built standard regulatory content, industry standards, and best practices.

Other features of the MetricStream solution are intelligent and content-driven capabilities such as access to best practices and training content from an expert community, and integration of business processes with notifications and industry alerts.

  • Enables efficient organization and management of regulatory content and policies in a centralized and structured repository
  • Simplifies and strengthens the tracking of regulatory changes across all domestic and international jurisdictions through automated alerts and notifications
  • Provides a complete transparency into the regulatory compliance process
  • Provides granular insights and real-time intelligence for the compliance function

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