Food Safety Management

Recent peanut butter salmonella outbreaks, e. coli contaminated-vegetables, listeria-tainted cheeses, and the recent horsemeat scandal have raised critical concerns about the safety and quality of food products. Regulatory bodies have swung into action with stricter regulations and harsher penalties for non-compliance, while consumers have become more aware and vigilant about signs of unsafe food. This means that companies have to be extra careful about evaluating and monitoring food safety in every link in the food chain, from farm to fork.

As ingredients sourcing, food manufacturing, and distribution is outsourced to multiple suppliers across the world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep a check on food safety. There are so many intermediaries between food producers and end consumers that a single disruption or safety issue at one node can ripple out into the entire food chain, resulting in catastrophic consequences. Many food retailers insist that their suppliers comply with GFSI schemes, as well as food safety standards such as HACCP and ISO 22000. However, monitoring supplier compliance and performance can be a huge challenge especially when the supply chain is so vast, distributed, and complex.

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MetricStream Food Safety Management Software Solution

MetricStream provides a single, comprehensive solution to manage all food safety requirements ranging from supplier management, to hazard analysis, to compliance management, audits and inspections, non-conformance management, complaints management, and recalls. Built on the industry-leading MetricStream platform, the solution streamlines, automates, and integrates food safety management processes at multiple levels across the enterprise. 

Using the solution, organizations can manage the entire process of onboarding suppliers, evaluating supplier compliance with food safety regulations/ policies, and monitoring supplier performance. The solution maps all suppliers to the relevant products/ ingredients, as well as the associated compliance requirements for complete traceability and transparency. It also maintains all supplier information (e.g. farm GPS co-ordinates), as well as product information (e.g. specifications, raw-materials, labeling requirements, and allergens) in a central repository for quick search and reference.

Through the solution, companies can plan, distribute, and manage compliance surveys and self-assessments. They can also conduct hazard analyses and risk assessments across the food lifecycle, link these risks to the appropriate preventive controls, and evaluate the effectiveness of the controls. 

Users can also streamline the entire food safety audits and inspections process. Any non-conformances or issues that arise can be routed through a systematic process of investigation, root cause analysis, and correction action. 

The MetricStream also enables a systematic and transparent process for managing and tracking customer complaints based on food safety. If products are contaminated, the solution supports and automates the entire process of managing recall campaigns, and communicating with customers.


  • Provides a common point of reference to manage end-to-end food safety processes - ranging from supplier management, to hazard analysis, to compliance management, audits and inspections, non-conformance management, complaints management, and recalls
  • Strengthens compliance with food safety regulations, GFSI schemes, and standards through a federated approach; simplifies the tracking of regulatory changes through automated notifications and data feeds
  • Supports a risk-based approach to food safety with capabilities for hazard risk analyses and risk assessments
  • Enhances communication of food safety policies, and co-ordination of compliance activities in the supply chain
  • Provides a centralized and real-time view of food safety processes across the supply chain for complete transparency and accountability.
  • Maps all food processes, products, and entities together, so that if a food safety issue arises, it can quickly be traced back to the source
  • Enables a quick and agile response to customer complaints and product recalls
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