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Food Quality Audit Management

The food quality audit management is becoming increasingly challenging, given the growing complexity of businesses and the multitude of audits that need to be conducted. Any microscopic error in the audit process can lead to poor quality which can destroy brand image and shatter customer trust. 

The traditional siloed approach and spreadsheet systems consume a lot of time and are prone to major errors. It also leads to duplication of processes and remedial measures. One of the main challenges food quality auditors face is the lack of well-defined audit practice which can cause unfavorable variations in results and standards. In addition, auditors find it extremely difficult to manually collect and analyze data, review findings, and create lengthy reports. 

To promote effective governance and to ensure food safety across the supply chain, food industry, regardless of its size, needs to incorporate an automated and comprehensive food quality audit management solution that can manage all food quality audits and product audits within the organization as well as audits of external entities such as suppliers, distributors, and contractors.

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MetricStream Food Quality Audit Management Software Solution

MetricStream’s advanced food quality audit management solution efficiently manages a broad spectrum of quality audits including supplier and vendor audits, contractor audits, agricultural audits, food defense audits, certification audits and HACCP audits under one vault for easy tracking and monitoring. 

MetricStream’s versatile solution offers the audit team the capability to schedule, conduct and review a series of audits and create action plans based on the results obtained. The solution facilitates a proactive risk-based analysis of the entire food supply chain, simplifies audit project management, enhances audit effectiveness, and enables collaboration across the supply chain. 

The fully automated solution improves coordination across the entire team and offers a greater level of transparency by keeping the executive management updated with ongoing and upcoming audits and assessment results through graphical dashboards and scorecards.


  • Offers a streamlined platform for all food quality audit-related functions across various business units, supplier chains and warehouses
  • Facilitates a risk-based audit process to focus on areas that pose the highest risks and mitigate those using proactive measures
  • Eliminates auditing errors and process redundancies
  • Increases the efficiency of audit teams and strengthens collaboration between audit teams and various other departments of an organization
  • Simplifies the laborious process of data collection, assessment and review with the help of an automated structure
  • Improves communication and provides a panoramic view of the ongoing audit activities and its progress through graphical dashboards
  • Provides an easy and safe web-based access to vendors, contractors, and suppliers to view reports and dashboards, initiate actions and manage a variety of tasks
  • Contributes to successful governance by aligning food quality audit practices with an organization’s existing risk and compliance management strategies
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