Government organizations and agencies are required to meet higher governance standards by complying with federal directives and operational mandates. They also need to adhere to policies and regulations, and manage their risks effectively. However, the complexity, scale, and scope of these mandates require sophisticated systems to manage multiple initiatives.

MetricStream provides a range of GRC Apps and Solutions to automate and streamline risk, compliance, policy, and audit management processes across departments. Our GRC Solutions support an integrated approach to managing and mitigating organizational risks, monitoring compliance with standards and regulations, managing policies, and conducting audits.

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MetricStream GRC Apps and Solutions for the Government Sector

MetricStream provides a range of GRC Solutions that integrate risk, audit, compliance, and policy management processes and data across your organization. Our Solutions also enable you to establish systematic workflows, streamline processes, and enhance visibility into risk and compliance management.

The strength of our Solutions lies in their federated approach - different divisions within your organization can independently use the Solutions to manage risk, compliance, and policy processes. At the same time, a series of powerful reports and dashboards deliver dynamic and real-time insights into the top risks, issues, and incidents. enabling the management team to make informed decisions.


  • Integrate and manage audit, risk, and compliance processes on a single centralized platform.
  • Enhance visibility into GRC programs. Improve internal controls.
  • Reduce the cost of compliance and the risk of non-compliance through streamlined and automated processes.
  • Standardize audit assessment and reporting. Gain better visibility into issues.
  • Use a systematic, standardized, and collaborative approach to manage policies.
  • Strengthen risk identification, assessment, monitoring, and mitigation.

Customer Corner

  • The Shire Campaspe City Council

  • Central Bank of Oman

  • Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation

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