Medical Coding and Billing Practices

Healthcare providers can enjoy the benefits of clean claims, timely payments and overall financial success, by ensuring accurate coding and billing processes, based on regulatory guidelines and industry standards. Regular, risk-based audits of claims, and medical coding and billing practices help organizations proactively determine problem areas, and institute controls to mitigate them. This will avoid errors, and the consequent negative impact on profits as well as organizational reputation. Successful audits are guided by a progressive approach, which incorporates flexibility, continuous monitoring, advanced data mining, and technology-based solutions.

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MetricStream Medical Coding and Billing Practices Software Solution

MetricStream Audit Management Solution, comprising advanced tools and powerful capabilities, enables healthcare providers to manage the entire audit lifecycle, thus improving medical coding and billing, and strengthening compliance. The solution helps streamline all audit processes, with its strong suite of capabilities and functionalities such as graphical dashboards, web-based interface, an offline solution, a central data repository, flexible data model, collaborative workflows and advanced reporting and analytics. Organizations can leverage the solution to overcome the challenges involved in claims auditing, which include analyzing complex data, reviewing complicated medical record documentation, managing manual documentation, gaining high-level and enterprise-wide visibility into the process, eliminating organizational silos, and promptly spotting fraud or abuse.

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