Retail Industry

Retailers and brand manufactures face a multitude of risk, audit, compliance, and quality challenges at every stage and in every business aspect, including finance, supply chain, logistics, inventory handling, merchandising, real estate, marketing, and store operations. Data breaches and related IT risk and compliance issues have also become an important concern.

MetricStream provides a range of Apps and Solutions to address these challenges. Through an integrated and streamlined approach, our Solutions for enterprise GRC, IT GRC, supply chain GRC, quality management, environment and sustainability, and more enable you to strengthen quality and compliance, effectively mitigate enterprise risks, and enhance your brand.

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MetricStream GRC Apps and Solutions for the Retail Industry

MetricStream’s integrated and holistic enterprise GRC Apps and Solutions encompass IT GRC, supply chain GRC, audit management, risk management, compliance management, quality and safety management, and environment, health, and safety management. Retailers and brands leverage our Solutions to establish sound governance, risk, compliance, and quality management programs across the enterprise.

Our Solutions enable retailers to effectively enforce policies and procedures, establish best practice controls, mitigate and manage risks, and comply with regulatory standards and requirements. The Solutions also support companies in establishing audit programs, identifying issues, and initiating proactive remedial actions.

Retailers and brands are thus better able to build reliable and transparent supply chains, produce safe products, and keep risks in check, while also establishing and monitoring corporate social responsibility and environment sustainability practices.


  • Proactively identify and mitigate multiple risks, including enterprise, operational, IT, security, compliance, supply chain, and environmental risks.
  • Minimize IT compliance violations. Avoid potential threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Strengthen ethics and compliance programs. Improve credibility and reputation.
  • Gain better visibility into third-party management, supplier quality, CSR, social compliance, environmental sustainability, and product safety compliance programs.
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