Store Audit Management

Retailers are increasingly looking at utilizing operational efficiency and compliance of stores to enhance their brand value. One of the critical tools they are adopting to achieve this goal is a systematic and standardized store audit program. Whether retailers want to provide an unmatched customer experience or maximize brand integrity across stores, they must leverage an effective store audit program.

Store audits can increase productivity, prevent errors, and ensure data integrity. They also ensure that a store's operations and processes are aligned with the retailer's standards for service, merchandising, and overall corporate compliance requirements. Other than reducing shrinkage, assisting in loss prevention programs, ensuring compliance with regulations and protecting company assets, effective store audits also strengthen a store's operational performance. Retailers can also glean valuable insights that empower them to improve the store's efficiency and controls.

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MetricStream's Retail Store Audit Management Software Solution

MetricStream's solution helps retailers strategize, plan, streamline, evaluate and improve audit processes across their network of stores, and foster a culture of operational and service efficiency, integrity and accountability. It enables retailers to evaluate and efficiently manage key control areas such as safety and security, pricing, inventory control, human resources, payroll processing, cash control, cashiering and customer service, shipping and receiving and damaging and non-conforming merchandise.

The solution encompasses detailed embedded audit templates and checklists to efficiently undertake an audit with a logical structure and hierarchy. The solution includes end-to-end functionalities for managing the complete audit lifecycle spanning audit planning and scheduling, store data collection, development of audit reports and recommendations, and review and implementation of recommendations, enabling retailers to efficiently monitor compliance. Standardized scorecards can further be utilized by retailers to evaluate and assign points to each control area being assessed during the audit. 

The solution offers a unique offline and mobile capabilities for data capture that allows auditors to record their findings in remote stores, and synchronize this data seamlessly with the central audit database. It also provides sophisticated capabilities such as dashboards, flexible reports, and a centralized document repository to gain complete visibility into the audit exercise.


  • Automates reporting and provides advanced analytics helping retailers enhance audit efficiency and strategic decision-making through actionable insights
  • Leverages store audits to boost performance of stores and comply effectively to regulatory and operational objectives
  • Establishes a well-integrated training program to improve the efficiency of underperforming stores
  • Helps manage a wide array of store audit processes through a closed-loop approach
  • Aligns audits results with corrective action and preventive action process
  • Ensures proactive participation of users in important tasks such as initiating actions, responding to events, managing to-do lists and assigning tasks through web-based interactive tools
  • Helps retailers gain increased visibility into key performance metrics, which facilitates informed business decisions
  • Enables retailers to drive business growth, and supports complex business processes and dynamic data, through its flexibility and scalability
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