June 29, 2015 | Palo Alto, California: MetricStream, a market leader in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Apps, announced today that its Executive Chairman Gunjan Sinha will join an influential group of 300 business leaders and heads of state from around the globe at the annual Horasis India Meeting to be held from July 5-6, 2015 in Interlaken, Switzerland. Delegates will convene at the event to discuss and share insight and perspective on the future of India.

During the event, Mr. Sinha will chair a discussion, “Hedging Geopolitical Uncertainties,” which will address the impact of today’s complex, global, and volatile geopolitical environment on the future of India. Mr. Sinha will also participate in a panel discussion titled, “Opening Plenary: India and World Economic Outlook,” which will convene experts and business leaders to discuss the impact of increased connectivity on the global economy, performance risks for India, and top issues and opportunities in the year ahead.

Significant technological transformation, innovation, and disruption has given way to new risks that have a significant impact on the political and economic outlook for India. Alongside rapid economic growth in India, governments and businesses must be keenly aware of both the risks and opportunities of living and doing business in an increasingly mobile, social, global, and cloudy world. This Horasis summit plays a key role in facilitating a global dialogue and debate on the trends and issues that are shaping the future of our businesses, governments, and societies.

Dr. Frank-Jürgen Richter, Chairman of Horasis, said, “The annual Horasis India Meeting aims to provide a platform for experts, government officials and thought leaders from around the world to share their insights and perspectives on today’s most important global economic challenges and opportunities. MetricStream is a long-standing supporter of Horasis, and Mr. Sinha brings extensive experience as Executive Chairman of MetricStream, where he works closely with governments and global corporations to help them become better governed, more risk-aware, and compliant.”

Speaking on his participation at the event, Mr. Sinha said, “The Horasis India Meeting is an excellent opportunity to meet, learn, and exchange ideas with distinguished business leaders and government officials from across the world. The leading and modern businesses, governments, and nations of tomorrow are focused right now on using risk intelligence to drive innovation, decision-making, and business performance. Through this event, we will facilitate a better understanding of the risks at hand, but more importantly, the opportunity for India to continue to emerge as a leader in our global economy.”

Horasis is an independent international organization that is committed to enacting visions for a sustainable future. The organization hosts several annual meetings attended by heads of state, CEOs, government officials, and thought leaders who share a common interest in shaping global economies. MetricStream is a long-standing Horasis partner, and has actively contributed to Horasis meetings and forums

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