November 9, 2016 | Palo Alto, CA: MetricStream, a market leader in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) apps and solutions, announced today the winners of the GRC Journey Awards ceremony which took place on the evening of November 8, 2016 at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London. The awards celebrate and recognize individuals, customers, and partners who are leading their organization’s GRC Journey, championing GRC programs, and achieving superior business performance through GRC.

The GRC Journey Awards were held on the sidelines of the MetricStream GRC Summit, which is the industry's leading event for GRC professionals. Designed on the theme "Leading with GRC," the GRC Summit in London featured a range of inspiring speakers and sessions addressing some of today's most pressing issues, including Brexit, the growing threat of cyber hacks and data breaches, evolving risks and compliance requirements, mounting terrorist threats, and economic turmoil.

During the GRC Journey Awards ceremony, a total of ten awards were given in four categories, recognizing the GRC achievements of various customers, individuals and partners. Presenting the awards were MetricStream Executive Chairman, Gunjan Sinha, and MetricStream Chief Operating Officer, Gaurav Kapoor.

The following are the awards and winners:


The GRC Journey Award recognizes MetricStream customers who have a well-planned and well-adopted GRC program. These companies have made exceptional progress along their GRC journey with a clear vision of integrated GRC, a high level of GRC maturity, and strong processes to adopt GRC across the enterprise.

The winner in this category was:

  • MMI Holdings


The GRC Visionary Awards recognize individuals who have a passion for GRC and a strong vision for their organization’s GRC journey. They are the driving force behind their organizations’ GRC programs, and they champion the cause of GRC across the organization. They are also renowned thought leaders in the industry.

The winners in this category were:

  • Aadila Hashim, COO, Risk Management, MMI Holdings
  • Jumsheed Hussain, Executive Director, Credit and Risk Management, Qatar Development Bank


The GRC Practice Leader Awards recognize individuals who are working hard to ensure that GRC programs and technologies are implemented across the organization. Backed by a deep expertise in GRC, practice leaders understand the organization’s GRC vision, and lead its implementation.

The winners in this category were:

  • Daniel Sprich, Solution Manager, Global Operations, BP
  • Marc Voirin, Risk Map Officer, EDF Group
  • Moataz ElKasaby, Assistant General Manager and Head of Operational Risk, BCM, and InfoSec Division, Qatar Islamic Bank
  • Dirk Roels, Director, Quality Assurance Analysis, Johnson & Johnson


The GRC Partner Awards recognize MetricStream’s business partners who have provided exceptional service and GRC expertise to our customers. Partners demonstrate a sustained commitment to GRC, and work closely with MetricStream teams to provide hands-on assistance to clients, and ensure that GRC implementations are successful.

The winners in this category were:

  • Business Connexion (BCX) Tanzania

Commenting on the awards, MetricStream Executive Chairman, Gunjan Sinha said, “Congratulations to all of the winners of our MetricStream GRC Journey Awards. These individuals and organizations exemplify the true spirit of GRC innovation, collaboration, and expertise. They are setting a new standard of excellence by building and leading GRC programs that drive exceptional business performance – and for that, we laud their efforts.”

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