In the recent past, energy and utility companies have been facing a number of compliance issues and associated penalties due to violations of NERC CIP Version 3 standards. NERC 004, 006, and 007 top the list of the most violated standards.  Instances of unauthorized access to critical cyber assets, unavailability of documents recording personal risk assessment training program during audits, and irregular monitoring of the risks involved when depending on computer-based controls and automated systems to manage smart grids have led to organizations facing litigations and fines imposed by regulatory bodies like FERC and NERC.

Regulatory requirements are ever changing and growing and with Versions 4 and 5 on its way, it’s time that organizations make it a priority to build a culture of compliance and ensure that they fully comply with the enforced standards. With their collective experience in compliance and risk management in the energy and utilities industry, Anna Wang, Senior Cyber Security Consultant at Burns and McDonnell, and Brenda Boultwood, Vice President of Industry Solutions at MetricStream will discuss best practices on how organizations can design and implement a sustainable NERC CIP compliance program. Other key points that will be discussed during the forum are:

  • Practical methods and, policies and procedures to be implemented at the site and corporate level
  • Standardized processes to be executed and auditable security controls that need to be adopted
  • Strategies to assess risks and controls, audits, and reporting mechanisms
  • Methods to track critical cyber assets in accordance with NERC CIP - 002 to 004
  • Procedures to manage and track employee training information

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The webinar is scheduled to take place on Thursday, October 04, 2012, at 10 am Pacific Time. To register for this event, and know more about the webinar and speakers please click here:

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