As businesses strive to control and mitigate the risks confronting their organizations, they are increasingly relying on Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) to monitor risk drivers and exposures. Today, KRIs have become critical risk management tools. Unlike performance indicators, KRIs are “predictive,” not lagging. Their value lies in their ability to provide insights into potential and emerging risks, so that organizations are better positioned to identify areas where additional controls or mitigation plans may be required. KRIs enable a move away from “reactive” risk management to “proactive” risk management which, in turn, allows organizations to better protect themselves against future risks, while also identifying those risks that can be transformed into opportunities.

It can be quite a challenge to define the appropriate set of KRIs for a business. Each KRI, apart from being forward-looking, has to meet certain requirements to truly provide value. In this discussion, Ariane Chapelle - Professor at the University of Brussels (ULB) and Director of Ariane Chapelle Consulting Ltd, and Kristen Gantt - Regional Vice President Industry Solutions at MetricStream will share their insights on:

  • Features of effective KRIs
  • Challenges in developing KRIs
  • KPIs or KRIs?
  • Indicators: Be SMART
  • Choosing effective predictive KRIs
  • Technology as an enabler for defining and managing KRIs

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