December 10, 2012 | Palo Alto, California: MetricStream, the leading enterprise-wide Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions provider, will be participating in the 2012 Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) Internal Audit Society (IAS) Annual Conference. The event will be held on December 11-12, 2012 at New York.  Leading audit experts will gather at the event to address the challenges that internal auditors face, discuss key trends in the financial market, and share internal audit best practices. At the conference, MetricStream executives will be leading a session on “Data Analytics.”

Organizations today find themselves in a complex business environment where they are exposed to a variety of risks such as the growing compliance regulations, fraud schemes, operational inefficiencies, and other security issues that could lead to financial and reputational damage. This has forced organizations to look at innovative and practical approaches to assess and mitigate risks. Data analytics has long been considered as an effective strategy to simplify auditing processes and saving on cost and resources. Through data analytics, organizations are able to track every transaction, leading to better operational performance, greater risk and control insight, and improved audit quality. But the challenge facing the organizations is employing the right tools and technology to get the most out of data analytics. During the session, the speakers will share insights on building a mature and sustainable data analytics process, and how internal auditors can benefit from it.

MetricStream Audit Management Solution has helped leading banks and financial institutions across the globe to strengthen their audit processes across their organizations. The solution streamlines, integrates, and automates their complete cycle of internal auditing processes. Built in with advanced tools and capabilities for risk assessments, auditors are able to direct more time and resources towards high-risk areas rather than trying to audit all areas at once. The solution also supports a variety of audits such as operational audits, financial audits, IT audits, supplier audits, and quality audits. Powerful dashboards and analytics provide real-time visibility into risk and audit metrics, helping internal auditors track their progress against key milestones, make informed decisions, and provide valuable risk-based advice to the board and other key stakeholders.

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MetricStream is the independent market leader in enterprise cloud applications for governance, risk, compliance (GRC), and quality management. MetricStream apps and software solutions improve business performance by strengthening risk management, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, audit management, vendor governance, and quality management for organizations across industries, including banking and financial services, health care, life sciences, energy and utilities, consumer brands, government, technology, and manufacturing. MetricStream is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with an operations and GRC innovation center in Bengaluru, India, and sales and operations support in 12 other cities globally.(

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