Globalized markets, corporate governance policies, and renewed focus on regulatory compliance are becoming onerous, compelling organizations to drive performance, and manage risk efficiently. Too often internal risk and control functions are handled in isolation with external ones, leading to a distorted view of risk, duplication of efforts, and paradoxical analyses. Improving assessments and reporting on internal controls and efficiently managing external risks posed by the extended third party network, markets of operation and society at large has now become a pressing need.

For many organizations, the greatest challenge is ensuring that the maturity gained in Governance, Risk, and Governance (GRC) be leveraged to effectively handle the various risks that exist across the external ecosystem. Comprising multi-tiers of suppliers, sub-suppliers, vendors, extended partners, service providers, crowd-sourced contractors and third parties, and combined with extensive presence and reach of social media, the risk involved in this ecosystem increases with each passing day. Adopting a consistent and transparent approach to GRC is hence vital to identify hidden costs, inefficiencies in control and compliance structures, and focus on risks that matter. This also enables organizations to foster a risk-aware culture across the enterprise and extended ecosystem, while implementing innovative initiatives and building a competitive advantage.

Join speakers Chris McClean, Research Director and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research and Gaurav Kapoor, Chief Operating Officer, MetricStream at this webinar, to understand how organizations can leverage an integrated GRC strategy to efficiently meet internal compliance requirements and manage external risks. The speakers will also throw light on:

  • Aligning internal compliance with external threat management by establishing a unified GRC program
  • Deciphering the linkages and relationships between internal and external risks
  • Eliminating the disparities between how internal processes are run and how external entities are handled
  • Gaining a holistic view of risk across the enterprise and the extended ecosystem by leveraging technology

Attend the webinar:
This webinar is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at 10 am Pacific Time. To register and learn more about the webinar and speakers, please click here.

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MetricStream is the independent market leader in enterprise cloud applications for governance, risk, compliance (GRC), and quality management. MetricStream apps and software solutions improve business performance by strengthening risk management, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, audit management, vendor governance, and quality management for organizations across industries, including banking and financial services, health care, life sciences, energy and utilities, consumer brands, government, technology, and manufacturing. MetricStream is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with an operations and GRC innovation center in Bengaluru, India, and sales and operations support in 12 other cities globally.(

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