In the face of mounting complex operational and cyber-security standards from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), the need for robust compliance and audits programs has become more crucial than ever. Yet, many energy and utility companies still struggle with fragmented control processes, and inadequate policies and documentation. Others approach compliance and audits in an ad hoc or manual fashion, making it impossible to provide accurate and timely data and reports.

Given the likelihood of reputational damage and hefty penalties as a result of non-compliance, energy and utility companies are adopting a risk-based audit approach to help them successfully achieve NERC compliance. This approach helps ensure that companies can prioritize their risk efforts, as well as efficiently manage and distribute audit and compliance resources. Most importantly, adopting a risk-based approach empowers companies to understand if their regulatory programs are actually mitigating the “right risks.”

Energy and utility companies that adopt an advanced audit and compliance solution can strengthen and simplify NERC compliance, while also enabling a risk-based approach to audits. A technology solution can further facilitate all NERC compliance requirements and processes within a centralized framework, enabling a systematic, collaborative, and closed-loop approach to NERC compliance.

Join speakers Joe Doetzl, Director of Consulting Services at Corporate Risk Solutions, Inc., and Timothy Schmutzler, Regional VP of GRC Solutions at MetricStream during this joint webinar to learn how implementing a risk-based audit approach can drive effective NERC compliance. The speakers will also shed light on:

  • NERC compliance challenges
  • Integrating compliance processes to manage risks, issues, violations, and exceptions
  • Utilizing a risk-based audit approach to develop a robust compliance program

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This webinar is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at 10 am Pacific Time. To register for this event, and to learn more about the webinar and the speakers, please click here.

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