October 31, 2013 | Palo Alto, California: MetricStream, a market leader in Enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions will exhibit its acclaimed IT GRC and Business Continuity Management (BCM) solutions at the Information Systems Audit and Control Association’s (ISACA) IT GRC and Information Security and Risk Management (ISRM) Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada from November 6-8, 2013. Distinguished professionals from the security and risk industry will convene at the event to exchange ideas on current trends, best practices, and solutions required to overcome the challenges facing cyber security, and risk and compliance executives.

In today’s fast-paced global, mobile, and social world, cyber security has become a business imperative. Evolving technologies, increasing adversaries, and interconnected business ecosystems have given rise to a whole new level of cyber-attacks and threats. Yet, many organizations still view cyber threats in isolation, often delegating these threats to the technology team to manage. However, organizations need to realize that cyber threats are in fact enterprise risk management issues that can drastically impact business performance and objectives. Therefore, it is imperative to adopt a robust and effective IT GRC solution that can protect intellectual property and customer and partner information, while also promoting efficiencies that support and enhance business performance.

MetricStream’s IT GRC solution helps organizations streamline IT GRC processes, effectively manage IT risks, and meet IT regulatory requirements. The solution’s advanced and comprehensive capabilities, including an efficient workflow-driven approach, enables organizations to implement a formal framework to rigorously measure, mitigate, and monitor IT risks. The solution also integrates IT GRC processes with enterprise GRC programs to eliminate silos, standardize processes, improve collaboration, as well as aggregate security information from multiple data sources.

Another critical area organizations need to focus on is business continuity management. With the increase in man-made disruptions, natural disasters, and geo-political events, BCM is high on every company agenda. Organizations today are compelled to re-examine and re-define their business continuity and disaster recovery plans to best prepare for unforeseen risks in order to drive operational resiliency. BCM has to be viewed as an integral part of the organization’s overall risk management and operational risk management program.

MetricStream’s BCM solution enables organizations to implement and manage an effective business continuity plan that enables seamless recovery from business disruptions. The solution’s integrated and flexible framework embeds Business Continuity Plans (BCP) in the risk management model, and helps automate the BCP cycle from planning and implementation, to management and maintenance. Its advanced capabilities further help organizations analyze business impacts, identify operational risk events, develop preventive controls, and build an effective incident response structure. Organizations can also map business continuity requirements to BCM standards, and train employees on business continuity processes and procedures.

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MetricStream is the independent market leader in enterprise cloud applications for governance, risk, compliance (GRC), and quality management. MetricStream apps and software solutions improve business performance by strengthening risk management, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, audit management, vendor governance, and quality management for organizations across industries, including banking and financial services, health care, life sciences, energy and utilities, consumer brands, government, technology, and manufacturing. MetricStream is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with an operations and GRC innovation center in Bengaluru, India, and sales and operations support in 12 other cities globally.(www.metricstream.com).

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