September 30, 2014 | Palo Alto, California: MetricStream, the market leader in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Management solutions, will participate at the 14th Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative Workshop hosted by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) on September 29-30, 2014 in Burlingame, California. Supply chain industry and conflict minerals experts will convene at the event to discuss the latest sourcing issues, challenges, and opportunities facing organizations today. Keri Dawson, Vice President of Industry Solutions & Advisory Services at MetricStream, will share her unique insight and perspective during a panel session ‘Options for Supply Chain Data Management’ which will take place on the second day of the workshop.

The US Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Dodd-Frank Act section 1502 on reporting requirements regarding the use of Conflict Minerals has been met with scrutiny and criticism from organizations across industries. Many organizations have, and will continue to struggle to navigate their way through their vast and global supply chains. Yet, most remain focused on gaining greater visibility into sourcing information around their raw materials, especially those that may contain tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold eminating from the war-torn regions of Africa.

Challenges here largely arise from the lack of proper structures and processes, as well as lack of effective and timely reporting mechanisms. Organizations need to assess and evaluate how efficient and effective their supply chain management program is today, and then work to enhance it in order to facilitate better conflict minerals monitoring, reporting, and filing. While some companies have viewed the mandatory Conflict Minerals reporting as a daunting and laborious task, some organizations, including several leading technology companies, view conflict minerals compliance as a core component of their sustainable business practices. An advanced supplier governance program governing the global network of suppliers can help companies gain a greater level of transparency into their global supply chain, proactively identify areas of concern, and ensure effective conflict minerals due diligence and reporting.

During the event, Ms. Dawson will discuss the need to adopt a more systematic approach around supply chain planning, with the proper evaluation techniques, in order to enhance the overall supplier governance framework within the organization. Her session will help attendees understand how to manage and mitigate various supply chain risks, reduce redundancies and costs, while driving greater policy and regulatory compliance across the supply chain. MetricStream’s Supply Chain Management solution offers a comprehensive framework to maintain and manage supplier, vendor and third-party data. MetricStream solutions, which won accolades as ‘Top Ranked GRC Offering – 2014,’ have advanced capabilities that allow organizations to effectively manage a wide range of supplier governance processes including supplier performance management, supplier risk and compliance management, supplier audits, and reporting.


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