The financial crises and the subsequent 2010 passing of The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, along with the stringent requirements of Basel III, the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and more, all seek to improve accounting standards, enhance transparency, and promote greater risk-based decision making within the banking and financial services industry. Regulatory pressure continues to evolve alongside changing business operating environemnts and dynamics, making it imperative for banks and financial institutions to devise new strategies to create a keep pace with change, and strive towards a better governed, more risk-aware, and more compliant industry.

Today’s regulatory landscape has increased the cost of compliance, and banks have to rethink their strategies to not just meet existing compliance requirements, but also enhance operational efficiency in order to grow their business and remain competitive. Leveraging a technology-enabled GRC framework equipped with advanced analytics and reporting can help banks alleviate operational risks and improve transparency.

Join panelists Rod P. Lowe, Risk Advisor, Retail Operations and Regulated Output, Enterprise Risk Management at Vanguard along with Michael Sicsic, Chairman, ORIC International & Group Risk Director at Aviva Plc, and Brenda Boultwood, Senior Vice President of Industry Solutions at MetricStream, as they share their expert views on the best strategies to increase operational efficiency in a fluctuating regulatory environment.

The panelists will also share insights on:

  • Enhancing the quality and consistency of capital as required by Dodd Frank and Basel III
  • The importance of real-time intelligence to facilitate timely response to changing regulations
  • Significance of leveraging robust IT infrastructure to establish real-time visibility, analysis, and reporting of enterprise-wide data

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This webinar is scheduled to take place on May 05, 2015 at 10 AM Eastern. To register for this webinar or to learn more about the webinar and the speakers, please click here.

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MetricStream is the independent market leader in enterprise cloud applications for governance, risk, compliance (GRC), and quality management. MetricStream apps and software solutions improve business performance by strengthening risk management, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, audit management, vendor governance, and quality management for organizations across industries, including banking and financial services, health care, life sciences, energy and utilities, consumer brands, government, technology, and manufacturing. MetricStream is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with an operations and GRC innovation center in Bengaluru, India, and sales and operations support in 12 other cities globally.(

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