The volume of regulatory changes financial institutions need to track has grown significantly over the last few years. Financial institutions need to keep a close watch on the changing regulatory alerts so that they are not missed and their impact on the business is assessed. Managing the sheer volume, velocity, and complexity of these updates can be a daunting task for compliance officers.

Regulatory Change Management Integration with Compliance.ai

MetricStream, the independent market leader in GRC has integrated with Compliance.ai, a modern regulatory change management solution, to automatically deliver focused and comprehensive regulatory content to its users. Chief Compliance Officers will be able to subscribe to and leverage Compliance.ai’s Regulatory Intelligence content directly within the MetricStream Regulatory Change Management App to assess the impact of the regulations on related policies, procedures, risks, and controls to strengthen their regulatory compliance

Value Proposition

  • Gain agility in your compliance program by receiving comprehensive real-time coverage of regulatory alerts

  • Build confidence with regulators by following a structured approach to manage complex regulatory alerts and measure their impact on business

  • Reduce the time spent on regulatory change management activities by auto-assigning alerts to SMEs and triggering regulatory developments

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