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EH&S audits are playing an increasingly important role in evaluating an organization’s factories, facilities, processes, and operations to measure their level of compliance with environment and work safety regulations, standards, internal policies, and goals. Today, there are several EH&S regulatory agencies such as the U.S. EPA and Safe Work Australia (SWA), as well as regulations such as REACH, Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, RIDDOR, OHSAS, the US Clean Air Act, CA AB32, RoHS, the WEEE Directive, Canada NPRI, and the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Regulations - which lay out certain standards for occupational safety, employee health, and environmental activities.

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EH&S audits are critical to examine each organization’s environment and work safety program based on the above regulations. Without these audits, organizations run the risk of encountering serious occupational safety and environmental hazards.

MetricStream EH&S Audit Management Solution
MetricStream EH&S Audit Management Solution

MetricStream EH&S Audit Management Solution incorporates powerful functionalities that enable organizations to effectively manage their audit processes in line with key EH&S regulations and standards. It also helps determine if an organization’s social responsibility and sustainability initiatives are meeting their pre-defined goals. The solution is designed to manage a wide range of EH&S audit-related activities, data, and processes in a single, comprehensive framework. It helps establish audit programs, manage internal/external EH&S audit teams, assess the overall effectiveness of EH&S controls, and streamline internal, external, regulatory, and third-party EH&S audits.

Features and Functionality


MetricStream GRC Platform is a robust and scalable infrastructure that provides core services and capabilities leveraged by the EH&S solution including:

Embedded best practices - ready to be used out-of-the-box with the flexibility to meet specific requirements, and adapt to changing business processes

A workflow and collaboration engine that supports fast implementation, and provides configurable forms, information flows, notifications, alerts, and escalation paths

Secure web-based access for all users with appropriate views and tabs for initiating actions, responding to events, managing to-do lists and assigned tasks, and viewing reports and dashboards

Built-in reporting for analytics and business intelligence with a tool to create custom reports that can, in turn, be emailed or exported into formats like MS Excel and Adobe PDF

Executive role-based dashboards for graphical views of information; ability to drill down to the finest level of detail to see the underlying data

Ability to easily integrate with external systems to retrieve, store, and deliver data; Infolet-based adapters for connectivity to other enterprise applications

Support for electronic signatures and accurate time-stamped audit trails for regulatory compliance

Audit Planning: MetricStream EH&S Audit Management Solution allows organizations to create an audit program with a well-defined objective and scope that is, in turn, tied to EH&S compliance and risk management processes. Auditors can define the audit universe, and assign resources based on the annual audit plan. Checklists can be developed to support each type of audit (e.g. environmental audit, emissions, effluents, and waste audit, safety audit, certification audit, and factory audit).

EH&S audits can be scheduled periodically, or triggered on an ad-hoc basis for various requirements (e.g. factory, plant, business unit, process, or project). Based on the master audit calendar, one or more auditors can be selected and assigned the audit responsibility with a due date. Automatic notifications are sent to the auditor(s) as well as the entity to be audited.

Audit Scheduling: The MetricStream solution provides a comprehensive set of tools for EH&S audit scheduling, resource management, audit team assignment, and audit budget management. It also provides resource allocation and time tracking capabilities for effective audit planning. Organizations can efficiently assign EH&S audits, prepare schedules for each auditor, budget time, and track information. If there are changes to audit plans and schedules, the solution updates the audit staff profile, and assigns information automatically. It also automatically incorporates updates to auditor working hours and holidays or days of leave (e.g. sick leave, compensation leave). Inbuilt reports such as the audit calendar report allow the team manager to track the different audit activities, auditable entities, tasks, and potential conflicts.

Audit Execution: The MetricStream solution facilitates EH&S audit execution by providing the ability to define, update, and report on the key components of a business unit, auditable entity etc. The solution enables auditors to record qualitative or quantitative EH&S findings along with detailed observations and recommendations in pre-defined formats. A unique offline audit capability -- MetricStream Briefcase, which is available on tablets and handheld devices -- allows auditors to conduct field site/factory audits even when there is no connection to the corporate network. The data collected can be efficiently synchronized with the central repository when the auditor can next access the network. The solution also enables audit managers to track the status of the audit, and measure its progress to ensure timely execution. A time tracking capability captures the time spent in auditing for optimal resource utilization.

Audit Findings Management: The MetricStream solution provides comprehensive functionalities for managing EH&S audit issues/ findings (e.g. emission, effluent, and waste levels exceeded; safety manuals unavailable). Once these issues are identified, documented, and prioritized, a systematic mechanism of investigation and remediation is triggered by the underlying workflow and collaboration engine.

The solution supports triggering of automatic alerts and notifications to appropriate personnel for investigation and remedial action. The issues remain open till action plans are carried out, and results have been verified for effectiveness. Managers can track the status of each issue as it automatically moves from one stage to the next based on the organization’s risk management procedures.

Audit Draft & Interim Report: The MetricStream solution provides the ability to generate draft and final EH&S audit reports. It also streamlines report review and approval workflows. Users can select which issues should be included in the audit report and in which order. They can also generate various types of reports such as an Audit Details Report, Executive Summary Report, and Audit Summary Report.

The solution helps export audit report data to a formatted MS Word, PDF document, or MS Excel spreadsheet in customer specific formats for analysis and presentation. Attachments can also be exported as a complete docket.

Value Proposition

  • Perform EH&S audits based on standards such as ISO 14000/1, ISO 14064, and other GHG guidelines
  • Enforce worker health and safety through corrective actions and closed loop processes
  • Conduct quantitative and qualitative evaluations of exposure levels
  • Gain enterprise-wide visibility into the status of EH&S programs, and track their process metrics
  • Lower the cost of regulatory compliance with the help of electronic records and signatures, as well as audit trails
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