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Solution Briefs

Simplify IT Compliance by Leveraging the MetricStream and UCF Common Controls Hub Integration
MetricStream IT Compliance Management App's native integration with UCF Common Controls Hub (CCH) provides a centralized system to manage and track compliance with a range of IT regulations and standards.

Auditing In The Retail Industry
Understanding the challenges unique to the retail industry, MetricStream brings a comprehensive auditing solution for retail operations that streamlines the auditing processes and provides true business value from the audit function. The solution brings out unmanaged but potential risks and discrepancies supporting sustained compliance with policies and standards for improving the bottom line. Its web-based access enables multiple audits to be conducted simultaneously across multiple geographies.

An Integrated Approach to GRC Management
Being one of the most highly regulated industries, healthcare is confronted with several compliance challenges. The MetricStream solution will entrench a firm system of good governance and risk management that operates in a coordinated and systematic way to help the healthcare industry.

IT GRC - Enhancing Technology Capabilities
Information technology is increasingly becoming the backbone for business operations of companies. However, IT is getting impacted due to growing concerns such as malicious code, system intrusion, data threats, IP violations and internal IT operational risks.

Supply Governance Solution
Business models around the world are changing. Hierarchical, one-dimensional supply chains are giving way to more complex and fragmented networks, as firms enter into strategic partnerships with various external entities. The MetricStream Supplier Governance Solution can add value by helping organizations streamline and efficiently manage their supplier information, compliance, risk, quality, and performance. 

Effective Internal Audit Management
The pressure to maintain performance and meet expectations during the economic downturn has necessitated corresponding increase in the knowledge, skills, and expertise of internal audit professionals. The MetricStream solution for Internal Audits provides dependable automation and protection from risk management perspective and regulatory standpoint.

Integrated GRC in Financial Services: Improving visibility and increasing effectiveness
Recognizing the virtues of centralized GRC models, several forward-thinking institutions have already launched convergence efforts - integrating risk, compliance and control processes. The transition from traditional silo-focused systems to a holistic approach has plentiful benefits.

Business Continuity Management: Planning for Cost-effective Recovery and Resiliency
In today’s fast-paced, volatile business climate, organizations cannot risk having outdated, incomplete, or inefficient plans. They need to automate the plan building and maintenance processes. For this reason, many organizations are searching for a planning tool developed to meet specific needs and regulatory requirements. This paper outlines and discusses how MetricStream's continuity planning and risk management solution can help organizations meet disaster recovery requirements.

CSR through Environmental Health and Safety
With changing regulatory requirements, organizations need solution which can support traditional EHnS requirements and emerging needs such as global warming, greenhouse gas reporting and carbon trading. Enterprises today are putting themselves at risk by not managing their EHnS portfolio and their EHnS data. They need to integrate their EHnS compliance and risk management activities in a single platform.

MetricStream’s Risk-based Compliance Management Solutions
Over the last decade, the business world has faced unprecedented changes and challenges, resulting in a slew of compliance regulations. It began in 2002 with accounting scandals in Enron and Worldcom which resulted in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. This was followed by the increasing dependence on IT and trends like offshoring which called for tighter IT security regulations such as FISMA.

MetricStream IT-GRC Solution
Information technology is increasingly becoming the backbone for business operations of companies. However, IT is getting impacted due to growing concerns such as malicious code, system intrusion, data threats, IP violations and internal IT operational risks.

IT Policy and Procedure Management
MetricStream provides a flexible framework to streamline creation and management of IT policies to facilitate accountability and foster communication. The policy management software solution enables companies to adopt an electronic and automated approach to development, maintenance, and communication of policies and procedures across the enterprise.

Preparing for HIPAA Compliance Audits
In 2011, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reported that almost 8 million patient records had been stolen or compromised in 2009-10. Close on the heels of this report came the HIPAA compliance audit program. Launched by the HHS in association with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), the program was designed to assess how thoroughly covered entities were complying with the HIPAA privacy and security regulations.

Identify your inherent risk profile, determine your cybersecurity maturity, and chalk-out an action plan to reduce the risk levels and to increase the cybersecurity maturity through the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool, developed by Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC).

Complying with Reliability Standards and Regulations Successfully through an Integrated Policy and Compliance Management Framework
The complexity of energy and utility organizations’ operations is multiplied several times with the increasing number of regulatory bodies enforcing stringent compliance regulations: The North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) reliability and CIP standards, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) mandates, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), the Energy Policy Act (EPA) and the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS).

Compliance and Ethics Risk Assessment
Anti-corruption and competition laws, privacy restrictions, global competition, complex and newer risks, rising expectations, and greater scrutiny: these are the staples of the current business and regulatory environment, which indicate that companies are more susceptible to failure than ever before. The causes are systemic, and reflect the need for a strong and sustainable enterprise-wide strategy around compliance and ethics, in line with overall business goals and objectives.

Energy Risk Management (ERM): A Front End Process for Compliance Management Activities in Energy and Utility Companies
While risk managers in all industries are grappling with the problems of performing real-time risk measurement and mitigation, risk managers in the energy and utilities sector have to tackle additional complexities due to the inherent nature of the business. Optimizing risk and returns in generation plant usage, delivery schedules, natural gas and electricity selling prices, deliveries, oil pipeline usage and cash flows is a formidable task. As a result, companies in this sector are looking to systematically identify, measure, prioritize and respond to all types of risk in the business.

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