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One of the most far-reaching regulations in recent times, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enforces strict requirements around how enterprises worldwide collect, process, store, and protect the personal data of EU citizens. Aimed at safeguarding the data privacy rights of data subjects in the EU, the regulation requires data controllers and processors to have well-defined measures in place for data governance and protection. As the May 2018 compliance deadline draws near, Data Protection Officers (DPOs) will need to ensure that their organizations are well-prepared to meet their GDPR compliance obligations with the help of robust compliance and audit teams, processes, codes of conduct, policies, and controls. An integrated and automated approach to data protection compliance and assurance will be important for enterprises to meet their GDPR requirements on time.

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MetricStream M7 GDPR Solution

The MetricStream M7 GRC platform and apps offer DPOs, as well as audit, risk management, and compliance teams a single, unified system to manage multiple GDPR requirements, including Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), data protection audits, risk management, and control testing. The software solution supports a risk-based approach to GDPR compliance, and helps DPOs build a robust data protection and governance framework.

With the solution, DPOs gain a birds-eye view of personal data assets mapped to risks, controls, and processes. In addition, teams responsible for data protection assurance and risk management can conduct risk assessments, define and manage controls, perform audits, and resolve any issues that might arise. Powerful reports and dashboards provide comprehensive and real-time visibility into the status of GDPR assurance, enabling the DPO and others responsible for data protection to make informed decisions.

Through the solution’s centralized repository, you can document assets and processes in the organization where personal data is stored. You can also conduct risk assessments on these processes/ assets, manage control assessments and testing, identify issues based on the results of the risk and control assessments, and trigger issue remediation plans.

  • Gain confidence that data protection and processing are in compliance with GDPR
  • Provide assurance that third parties that manage and process personal data are in compliance with GDPR
  • Efficiently plan and execute risk assessments, audits, certifications, and testing
  • Ensure that codes of conduct are being followed
  • Simplify preparations for audits by and responses to Supervisory Authorities
  • Improve visibility into issues, follow-up processes, and completion of action plans
  • Respond rapidly to requests and complaints from data subjects
  • Be well-prepared and responsive in the event of a data breach

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