As enterprises grow more digitized, information security risks are escalating. These risks—which result from cyberattacks, failures in IT assets, or third-party vendor vulnerabilities—can often amplify the impact of other enterprise risks such as strategic risks or reputational risks.

Meanwhile, as the range of IT assets deployed on both internal and external networks increases, so does the attack surface area. To guard against these attacks, many enterprises leverage third-party vulnerability scanners that monitor enterprise systems for technical vulnerabilities. But the challenge lies in aggregating and correlating the data from these scanners in such a way that the security function can fully understand and respond to the threats and vulnerabilities ahead.

With a range of complex and varied approaches available to manage these requirements, it can be difficult to choose the right one. However, a growing number of enterprises are opting for a streamlined, integrated, and structured approach to IT and security risk management – one that can help them effectively understand the risk and threat landscape affecting their operations, and take proactive steps to strengthen business resilience.

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Metricstream IT and Security Risk Management Solution

Built on a unified platform, the MetricStream IT and Security Risk Management Solution enables organizations to manage multiple security threats and vulnerabilities, as well as risks related to data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Through the solution’s centralized IT risk and control libraries, users can establish consistent risk taxonomies across the enterprise, thereby simplifying security risk analysis. They can also aggregate, prioritize, track, and remediate security threats and vulnerabilities in a streamlined and collaborative manner.

Powerful reports and dashboards deliver a 360-degree, real-time view of IT risks, threats, and vulnerabilities, enabling enterprises to anticipate and address emerging risk areas in a timely manner.


[1]Source: Customer responses and GRC Journey Business Value Calculator

Business Outcomes
  • 66%
    Reduction in the time taken to complete risk assessments
  • 37%
    Cost savings in risk assessments and associated processes
  • 50%
    Reduction in the time taken for control testing
  • 39%
    Reduction in expected regulatory losses and other expenses
  • 38%
    Reduction in the cost of managing vulnerabilities and their impact
  • 30%
    Reduction in the number of man-days required to manage a scaled-up level of vulnerability management1


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IT Risk Management

Streamline IT risk identification, assessment, mitigation, and monitoring. Understand the relationships between IT risks, assets, processes, and controls. Evaluate and track IT risks efficiently using industry standard IT risk assessment frameworks.

Document the issues that arise, and enable a closed-loop process of issue investigation, root cause analysis, and remediation. Leverage user-configurable risk reports, risk heat maps, and role-based executive dashboards to convert raw IT risk data into actionable business intelligence that can guide decision-making.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Reinforce IT security by aggregating and correlating threats and vulnerabilities across business-critical information assets. Consolidate these assets in a centralized library by integrating with external Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs). Map the IT assets to business entities, threats, and vulnerabilities.

Integrate with multiple external and end-point IT security and infrastructure management tools and security intelligence feeds to identify and prioritize IT risks. Monitor the threat landscape, zero-day advisories, and threat bulletins by subscribing to RSS or email-based threat alerts.

Classify and document the issues arising from threat and vulnerability management in an organized manner. Create real-time intelligence on threats and vulnerabilities through advanced graphical dashboards and reports with drill-down capabilities.

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