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FAA Compliance

For companies in the airlines industry, FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) compliance impacts all business functions operationally as well as strategically. As an example, the Continuous Analysis and Surveillance mandates require air carriers to have a method of measuring the effectiveness and performance of maintenance, inspection, and internal evaluation programs that are, in turn, important for the continual monitoring of internal processes, programs, and procedures. Mandates like this require various departments to implement policies and procedures to meet applicable Airworthiness Directives (ADs) and FAA regulatory requirements.

The daily challenges of the aviation compliance executive include rising costs, increasing regulatory compliance, the risk of non-compliance, inventory warehouse carrying costs, demand forecasting inaccuracies, and maintenance related departure delays. The problem is not alack of data gathered. In fact, most airlines are gathering much more data than they are effectively using. The problem lies inefficiently gathering the huge stream of data, increasing its quality, and processing it into information, knowledge, and ultimately actionable decisions.

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MetricStream FAA Compliance Management Software Solution

MetricStream offers an integrated aviation compliance solution to successfully meet the increasing regulatory and reporting requirements from the FAA (including ADs), while lowering the associated costs that can otherwise be substantial. The solution serves as an enabler of new levels of productivity, regulatory compliance, reduced costs, and effective quality, safety, and risk management.

The solution also automates the entire inspection and conformance lifecycle - from the initial receipt of ADs, to recording of inspections, to instant launching of corrective actions and preventive actions (CAPAs), to real-time reporting, to FAA and audit management.

Given the volume of safety directives issued annually by the FAA and the need for immediate response, documentation, and reporting, MetricStream customers are realizing significant efficiency gains and ROI from workflow-driven web-based solutions. The MetricStream solution is built on the robust and scalable MetricStream Enterprise Compliance Platform with advanced capabilities that include:

  • Effective management of controls to ensure timely reviews and adherence to quality mandates
  • Audit management for the entire enterprise including the extended supply chain
  • Accelerated issue management and verification including CAPAs
  • Document management and reporting capabilities that cover inspections and maintenance
  • Embedded best practices from leading airlines
  • Executive dashboards for management oversight and visibility

By making better use of information, and improving visibility and data tracking, airlines can cut compliance costs, improve quality, safety, and risk management - and thereby up their performance levels.

MetricStream uniquely combines software and content to deliver this solution with access to compliance training programs, and integration of business processes with regulatory notifications or industry alerts.


  • Centralized Risk Management: An integrated and flexible framework helps document and assess risks, define controls, manage assessments and audits, identify issues, and implement recommendations and remediation plans. The solution provides powerful tools f
  • Efficient Audit Management: The MetricStream solution facilitates audits and inspections to ensure that the established safety and quality procedures are being followed. It provides capabilities to efficiently plan and conduct audits. It also enables the
  • Closed Loop Processes: Integrated quality, safety, and compliance processes create a unified and seamless environment for issue identification, recording, and remediation.
  • Streamlined Corrective Actions: The solution facilitates collaboration by engaging teams to collaborate on developing and implementing corrective action plans. It triggers and streamlines corrective/ preventive actions (CAPAs), enables root cause analyses
  • Tracking Non-conformance and Deviation: The solution provides automated workflows that accelerate non-conformance and deviation review and approval cycles. Non-conformance issues are automatically recorded and routed to the appropriate personnel for revie
  • Real-Time Reporting: Role-based dashboards, control diagrams, and scorecards provide visibility into ongoing FAA compliance efforts, and bring high-risk areas into focus.
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