In a rapidly changing regulatory environment fraught with risks and threats, enterprises that are agile and can respond faster by empowering all 3 lines of defense, will manage, mitigate, and recover from these setbacks. This requires organizations to adopt a strong and prudent approach in staying nimble and agile in managing their cybersecurity posture, IT compliance obligations, and refreshing their policies in a transparent manner.

The MetricStream IT GRC and Policy Management Solution is a packaged framework of standards designed to fulfill the stipulated needs for cyber risk and compliance within an established timeframe, providing strategic and economic advantage to all kinds of organizations.

  • 1
    Be Ready

    to use key Cyber Security frameworks in a matter of days with prepackaged Requirements, Controls and Mappings for :
    ISO/IEC 2700 1/27002, NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF), NIST SP800-53, CMMC, SOC, FFIEC Cyber Assessment Tool & HIPAA

  • 2
    Engage Business

    by communicating Cyber Risk in business terms using pre-packed risk scoring algorithms
    Risk Assessment and Risk Scoring based on ISO 27005 or NIST SP800-30 , Risk Heat Maps, Inherent vs. Residual Risk Prioritization of Cyber Security Controls and Investments create visibility and confidence in the maturity of the Cyber Risk approach.

  • 3
    Scale for the Future

    on the World’s Leading GRC Platform by adding fully integrated, new capabilities
    Policy Management, Continuous Control Testing, Vendor Risk Management, Audit, Business Continuity Management & Third Party Management

Business Benefits
  • Fast Deployment
    Rapidly meet your immediate goals by leveraging agile deployments, pre-packaged content, and easy-to-use software. Frameworks can be put in place in a matter of days and training workshops will rapidly bring you and your team up to speed.

  • Pre-Packaged Content
    Standard requirements such as ISO27001 and NIST CSF are preloaded and mapped to controls such as the NIST SP800-53 Controls Catalog. Leveraging reference frameworks guarantees success during certifications and assures that you continue to follow best practices.

  • Ease of Use
    An intuitive and engaging user interface visualizes complex dependencies and simplifies the compliance and risk management process. But unlike simple check list applications you always have the power to scale for the future.

  • Unlimited Scalability
    The MetricStream GRC platform is consistently ranked as a leader by Forrester and Gartner- giving the required certainty that you will not outgrow your investment.

MetricStream Solutions Can Help
  • Cyber Compliance Management

    As compliance goals cannot wait, get certification ready using the “Test once – comply with many” approach that builds in information that is common to the next standard that comes up for an audit.

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  • Cyber Risk Management

    Risk Libraries and Controls help present Heat Maps to the business relying on standard methodologies and scoring algorithms such as ISO27005 and NIST SP800-30.

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  • Policy Management

    Engage with employees with the latest policies on a state-of-the-art policy portal that enables communication of policies. It also strengthens audit readiness by linking policies and procedures to applicable laws and regulations.

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  • IT Regulation & Standard Monitoring

    Manage and monitor compliance with a range of IT regulations and standards in an integrated manner

    • Common Library for IT Assets & Processes
    • Control Mapping to IT Assets, Processes & AoCs
    • ISO27001/27002 packaged controls' content
    • NIST, SOC2, COBIT 2019 control mapping
  • Risk Definition

    Define and maintain data on IT risks, assets, processes, and controls. Map IT assets, asset classes, and processes to information security risks

    • Risk Register
    • Risk Libraries
    • Assets & Threats Repository
    • Cyber Controls
  • Create & Approve Policies with Ease

    Policy management framework across organization. Maintain policies and documents (leave for health workers, new travel policies, procedures for high risk areas) by location, groups and functions.

    • Policy Templates
    • Ease of Policy Review
    • Policy Collaboration
    • Configurable workflows
  • Test Controls & Perform Self Assessments

    Perform test executions and control self-assessments, Send out IT compliance surveys, certifications for defined schedules. Link IT compliance controls and assessment activities based on the organization’s specific regulatory requirements. Trigger a systematic process to document, investigate, and resolve IT compliance and control issues.

    • Pre-defined Questionnaires
    • Control-Assessment-Reg linkage
    • Systematic Process Trigger to Resolve Compliance Issues
  • Assess and Manage Risk

    Assess, quantify, monitor, and manage IT risks using industry standard IT risk assessment frameworks.

    • NIST Cyber Security Framework
    • ISO 27005 Including Risk Scoring Algorithm
    • Cyber Threat Intelligence
    • Cyber Risk Qantification
  • Policy-Mapping to Regulations, Risks, and Controls

    Map policies to regulations, risks, controls, requirements, and processes. Link specific sections of the policies to applicable regulations and compliance requirements.

    • Policies Mapping to Regulations
    • Identify Policy Violations
    • Defensible Audit Trail 
    • Identify Impact of Regulatory Change on Policies
  • Alerts on IT reg updates and actionable insights

    Gain top-level visibility into IT compliance processes across geographies, business units, and functional departments through real-time reports, user-specific dashboards, and graphical snapshots.

    • Structured Content Channels
    • Top Level Visibility
    • Dashboards & Geo Specific Snapshots
  • Identify and document issues from assessments

    Closed-loop process of issue investigation, root cause analysis, and remediation.

    • RCA & CAPA
    • Issue Management
    • Risk Remediation
  • Engage Employees with Policies

    Centralized policy portal for remote access in WFH conditions. Search for policies based on attributes, content, author, and other parameters.

    • Bookmarks & Recently Published Policies
    • Natural Langauge Search
    • Policy Communication
  • Regulatory Change & Engagement Management

    Set up regulatory feed channels which automatically pull regulatory updates from multiple external sources.Systematically manage various engagements with regulators, including examinations, meetings, and requests for information.

    • Real-time compliance intelligence
    • Control Testing & Issue remediation
    • Regulatory Engagements
  • Risk Reporting

    Generate user-configurable reports and dashboards to transform IT risk data into actionable business intelligence.

    • Executive Dashboards
    • Risk Heatmaps
    • Actionable Intelligence
  • Effectively Manage Policy Exceptions

    Raise policy exceptions from the policy portal. Configure workflows to manage exceptions and track the status of exceptions in reports.

    • Policy Exception Management
    • Defensible Audit Trail
    • Role based Task Assignments

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