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  • The primary benefit of a GRC tool is being able to identify, and then prioritize your risks from across the organization.


    Hudson City Savings Bank
  • There has been increased public pressure to improve governance and improve regulation -- even the regulators are being regulated.

    Tom Harper

    FHLB of Chicago
  • Now people are more aware when working on risks and they focus on the right thing.

    Aurore Marie

    Societe Generale
  • Our vision was to have a single overarching sustainable food quality system.

    Tracy Vogt

    Woolworths South Africa
  • We selected MetricStream as our risk management technology partner because of its simplicity and usability.

    Toby Shore

    Dubai Aluminium
  • MetricStream was an amazing source of support through the whole process, leading up to go-live day.

    Donna Lovewell

    Zurich Insurance

MetricStream GRC Summit 2015

The GRC Summit was an incredible success with over 300 attendees, 50 plus speakers and several sessions that brought tremendous opportunities to network with GRC experts and share experiences and best practices. We would like to thank all our attendees, speakers and congratulate the award winners.
We look forward to meeting with you at our next Summit.

  • Anne Neuberger

    Chief Risk Officer,
    National Security Agency (NSA)

  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    Best-Selling Author of
    The Black Swan


    Chairman & CEO,

  • Dr. Peter Fonash

    Chief Technology Officer,
    Office of Cybersecurity


Collaborate with industry experts and professionals for an in depth conversation on GRC.

  • User Group meet in Washington DC

    MetricStream Special Interest Groups (mSIGs) meet on May 11, 2015 to share best practices and discuss product enhancements and roadmap.

    Posted at 03:47 PM on Mon, Mar 30,2015
  • ComplianceOnline, the Largest GRC Advisory Network

    ComplianceOnline and Unified Compliance announce new Cyber security Hub, to enable companies to quickly scope, define and maintain all major cyber security requirements.

    Posted at 03:56 PM on Mon, Mar 30,2015
  • Partner Ecosystem

    MetricStream and PwC to host a GRC Journey Roundtable in Milan, Italy to discuss the latest trends and best practices on risk management for enterprises.

    Posted at 07:15 PM on Mon, Mar 30,2015
  • Zaplet

    MetricStream Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) for partners to build GRC Apps on cloud.

    Posted at 12:13 AM on Fri, May 08,2015
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