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Risk Management

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02 July, 2021

Integrated Risk Management

What Should be Included in an IRM Program?

According to experts, a constructive Integrated…

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Risk Management in Banking

Operational Risk Management in Banking The risk of loss as a result of errors, infringements, disruptions, damages, either accidental or intentional caused by internal…
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Integrated Risk Management in Financial Services Companies

Need for Integrated Risk Management The main reason we need IRM is because of the interconnectedness of risks. Today risks are more complex and their…
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Operational Resilience in Banking

What Does Operational Resilience Mean? Operational resilience is the ability of businesses, FMIs and the entire banking sector to avert, act, recuperate, and learn…


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13 July, 2021

The Importance of a Robust Cyber Risk Management

Instances of Cyber Risk

All businesses are vulnerable to cyber risk and threats can even originate from inside a firm (internal risk) or from outside (external…

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Developing an Incident Response Plan to Maintain Business Continuity

Why is an Incident Response Plan Critical to Maintain Business Continuity? If a network has not been compromised yet, it will be. Whether a threat is virtual or…
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All You Need to Know About Testing Disaster Recovery Plans

Disaster Recovery vs Business Continuity Disaster recovery is a key component of business continuity planning, but the two are not the same. Business continuity…

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