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Privacy Compliance

Strengthen Data Privacy Compliance with a Risk-First Approach


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Privacy risk assessment


decrease in expected regulatory losses and other expenses

Data protection software


time saved in tracking and linking policies to regulations

Personal data management


reduction in the time taken to create and update policies

Stay Compliant with an Integrated Approach to Privacy Requirements

The MetricStream Privacy Compliance Management solution provides an integrated framework to manage and monitor data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. It leverages privacy controls by integrating content from the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) enabling organizations to map 9,300+ IT control statements to 1,200+ regulations. MetricStream’s privacy compliance solution also enables workflows for data protection impact assessments, policy management, data privacy audits, third-party management and issue remediation. Intuitive dashboards and charts provide real-time insights into privacy management processes. The solution allows you minimize the risk of data breaches and ensure that personal information is handled in a secure and compliant manner, leading to improvement of trust in the organization and avoidance of legal and reputational consequences.

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  Stay Compliant with an Integrated Approach to Privacy Requirements

How Our Privacy Compliance Solution Helps You

How Our Privacy Compliance Solution Helps You How Our Privacy Compliance Solution Helps You

Establish Enhanced and Superior Oversight into Privacy Compliance

Gain real-time visibility into all types of compliance activities including policy type, status, audit history, in-process documents. Strengthen visibility into the status of your privacy compliance program, assessment efforts, and the overall compliance profile through predefined, real-time reports, user-specific dashboards, and graphical snapshots. Gain real-time view of risks through powerful, configurable reports, risk heat maps, and risk quantification.

Streamline Compliance Environment

Create and maintain a central structure of the compliance hierarchy, including regulations, processes, assets, risks, controls, and audits. Streamline the process of creating policies and procedures for privacy compliance, as well as managing reviews and approvals, communicating the policies to employees and third parties, and capturing attestations and exceptions. Assign tasks, controls to stakeholders and monitor for progress and gaps. Map privacy controls to regulations and policies, enabling an integrated approach to ongoing privacy and compliance activities.

Enhance Data Protection Impact Assessments and Risk Management

Identify and assess the risks of data processing activities through systematic, automated Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)s. Design DPIA surveys, assign them to data controllers, and tabulate the results with configurable scoring algorithms. Strengthen visibility into IT assets and infrastructure elements that store personal data. Identify, assess, quantify, and monitor the risks to this data through an inbuilt IT risk assessment framework.

Simplify Data Privacy Audit Management

Streamline and automate audits to evaluate the effectiveness of privacy controls and processes. Simplify audit planning and scheduling, create audit tasks, manage work papers, and record audit findings. Generate audit reports such as a statement of applicability of controls and a risk-prioritized remediation plan for non-compliant areas.

AI-Powered Intelligent Issue and Remediation Management

Trigger a systematic process to document and resolve issues that arise from DPIA assessments. Leverage AI/ML to quickly identify issues based on relation and recommend issue classification. Create remediation action plans and route them to reviewers for approval. Send out automated alerts to ensure that issue and remediation task assignments are on track.

Optimize Case and Incident Management

Manage complaints from data subjects, as well as requests for personal data erasure, and objections to data processing. Streamline and standardize case recording, investigation, resolution, and reporting. Track and monitor the status of each case in real time.

Contain Third-Party Risks and Ensure Business Continuity

Ensure operational and business resilience by assessing and monitoring third parties and connected risks in line with privacy requirements. Automatically trigger risk and control assessments to third-party data processors to identify areas of high-risk exposure and use these and overall insights to proactively plan crisis responses to possible data breaches and test recovery plans. If a breach occurs, enable a systematic approach to log, track, investigate, report, and resolve the incident.

Simplify Policy Creation, Communication, and Assessments

Use the product’s built-in automated workflows, to simplify the policy creation, review and approval process and instantly send out automatic notifications to the target audience. Manage and design control tests or self-assessment plans in the form of surveys and questionnaires. Configure and execute IT compliance surveys, certifications, and control self-assessments based on predefined templates and schedules.

How Our Privacy Compliance Software Solution Benefits You

  • Stay compliant and avoid costly fines by ensuring data protection and processing activities comply with global data privacy standards
  • Improve real-time visibility into the overall data privacy compliance posture, status of issues and remediations
  • Reduce compliance efforts and costs by harmonizing controls using a risk-based approach
  • Gain a contextual view of requirements by mapping privacy regulations to specific controls, risks, policies, and processes
  • Manage enterprise privacy requirements including risk, audit, and third-party assessments with a unified and integrated solution
Privacy Compliance

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