Digital transformation, collaboration between traditional insurance companies and InsurTech firms, and personalized products have led to faster, better and, more effective ways of working while increasing profits. But they also have paved way to increased risk landscape for insurance companies. Risks related to cybersecurity, operations, and third-party are not only evolving but also leading to strict regulatory measures across the globe. Traditional ways of managing them will not work as the risks today are more complex, interconnected and constantly evolving. With MetricStream Solutions, insurance companies can accelerate their digital transformation journey by aligning the elements of governance, risk, and compliance to mitigate risks, strengthen regulatory compliance, improve the cyber security posture, and resolve issues swiftly.

Key Solutions
Enterprise GRC

Strengthen business performance through an integrated GRC approach that enables anticipate and manage risks in a holistic manner.
Regulatory Compliance

Adopt an integrated approach to stay on top of changing regulatory obligations while implementing policies to sustain compliance.

Aggregate and integrate data on IT risks, threats, compliance, policies, and controls to effectively anticipate and mitigate cyber risk.
Digital Risk

Enables better visibility into digital risks associated with technology, business operations, compliance, cybersecurity, and third-party, thereby strengthening risk-aware decision-making.
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Product Overview
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Customer Experience
Better Insights.
Better Decisions.
Measurable Outcomes

Provide actionable insights on risk impact estimations and the business rationale for trade-offs.

  • 67% improvement in risk reporting visibility and efficiency for the executive management and board.
  • 90% compression in compliance management timelines.
  • 80% reduction in the time taken to create and review a business impact analysis.
  • 80% decrease in third-party onboarding time.

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