Telecom companies continue to face multiple challenges like increased competition through industry consolidation, higher regulatory and compliance pressures, privacy and security issues, and so on. Adoption of 5G will herald more data and compliance requirements that need better security risk strategies and operations. Organizations will require a solution specifically in risk and compliance which ensures compliance with myriad regulations across multiple geographies. With the MetricStream Platform, you can streamline, automate, and integrate GRC processes across the enterprise, enable the mitigation of risks, strengthen regulatory compliance, proactively prepare for external audits, and resolve security issues swiftly.


Key Solutions
Integrated Risk Management

Instill a risk-aware culture, make informed decisions, and improve business performance with comprehensive visibility into risk exposure and relationships across business functions.
Regulatory Compliance

Be primed on the complex web of regulatory obligations governing the business while also implementing measures, processes, and policies to sustain compliance.

Stay one step ahead by proactively anticipating and minimizing IT and cyber risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and multiple IT compliance requirements.
Supplier Risk

Automate end-to-end processes for information gathering, onboarding, real-time monitoring, risk, compliance and control assessments, and risk mitigation.
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Customer Experience
Better Insights.
Better Decisions.
Measurable Outcomes

Streamline Regulatory Requirements, and Manage Risks Proactively.

  • 67%improvement in risk reporting visibility and efficiency for the executive management and board.
  • 50% reduction in time taken for control testing.
  • 90% compression in compliance management timelines.
  • 50% saving of time and costs required to complete third-party risk assessments and identify risks.

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