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MetricStream Cloud: Designed for GRC

The Fast, Simple Way to Deploy GRC Products


MetricStream Cloud

MetricStream Cloud is the enterprise-ready way to get your integrated risk products and solutions up and running with optimal reliability, security, and scalability. MetricStream is leading the way in enabling companies to deploy integrated risk products in the cloud. Built on state-of-the-art virtualization and containerization technologies, MetricStream Cloud’s multi-instance architecture provides a separate server environment to secure information and avoid any data co-mingling, ensuring that your dedicated instance remains focused on your business.

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  MetricStream Cloud


reduction in overall cost.

Business Value Delivered

  • Quick deployment, high availability and scalability, advanced security and access controls.
  • Close integration with develops technologies makes it easy to adapt to the ever-changing regulatory and business environments.
  • Globally located data centers for customers to host data based on their business needs and regulatory requirements.
Key Features
Secure Isolated Environments

MetricStream’s multi-instance architecture gives you isolated cloud environments to secure your information and avoid any data co-mingling.
Easy to Deploy and Roll-out

Designed to be deployed in minutes, MetricStream Cloud offers high availability and scalability, as well as advanced security and access controls.
Multiple Cloud Options

MetricStream Cloud is available in three distinct cloud tiers tailored to your needs — Express, Standard, and Premium.
Designed for Integrated Risk

The entire infrastructure and technology stack is designed from the ground up for integrated risk management.

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