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Enterprise GRC Solution

The value of GRC lies in managing uncertainties and leveraging opportunities that emerge out of the rapidly changing business environment.

Businesses today operate in complex and highly dynamic global environments. Managing change across risk, business, and regulatory environments, and keeping the organization aligned with these changes is one of the biggest challenges that a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) management strategist within an organization faces. It becomes imperative for organizations to be able to accurately gauge their true risk and compliance posture, and avoid cost overlaps.

Most of the organizations are now moving towards adopting solutions that introduce efficiencies in risk management and compliance activities, effectively execute GRC objectives, and establish governance programs that are aligned with business imperatives.

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MetricStream Enterprise GRC Software Solution

In many cases, the existing infrastructure for managing GRC is unsustainable. Multiple groups, often located in different geographies, run GRC programs in silos using either MS Excel spreadsheets or legacy systems developed internally. Various compliance, risk, and audit groups have their own processes and styles of functioning that are different and, sometimes, even contradictory to one another. Business line managers and IT organizations bring in their own perspectives that further complicate the adoption of a unified approach.

MetricStream GRC Platform, consistently rated in the leadership category by leading independent industry analysts, facilitates collaboration, increases transparency, and provides real-time intelligence for managing GRC programs.

MetricStream solutions are based on the integrated GRC Platform for successfully managing risk and meeting regulatory requirements while lowering the associated costs . MetricStream GRC platform, rated in the leadership category by leading independent analysts, facilitates this functionality using core modules such as a reporting engine, a data integration engine, a workflow engine, and an app studio.


  • Provide a matured GRC information model that truly integrates risk, audit, and compliance programs by aggregating and correlating data logically
  • Establish structured governance, risk management, and compliance processes that are well aligned with corporate objectives
  • Easily evolve as the business landscape changes, thanks to the highly flexible technology that supports the platform
  • Allow easy upgrade and modification of existing modules with the built-in App Studio and workflow engine
  • Provide comprehensive reporting that comes pre-packaged with standard reports, as well as a Reports Wizard to easily create ad-hoc reports
  • Adopt existing IT infrastructure seamlessly due to its open architecture and technology
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