Operational Risk Management
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Enterprise and Operational Risk Management

Strengthen Business Resilience with Better Risk Visibility and Foresight


Enterprise and Operational Risk Management

Measure Your Program Outcomes

  • 67%
  • improvement in risk visibility through efficient reporting

  • 80%
  • increase in risk and control framework related operational efficiency

  • 80%
  • decrease in the time taken to create and review a business impact analysis

Source: Based on MetricStream customer responses and GRC Journey Business Value Calculator

Drive Agile and Risk-Based Decision-Making

MetricStream Enterprise and Operational Risk Management products support risk-aware business decisions and strengthen collaboration across the enterprise – from executives to risk managers and business process owners. The products improve business performance and help reduce losses. By standardizing GRC taxonomies, they enable organizations to eliminate siloed GRC processes and facilitate harmonization across different teams. Importantly, these products allow users to correlate risk metrics with performance goals and strategic initiatives, thereby aligning the risk management program with overall business objectives and strategies. The integrated approach, along with advanced risk analytics, real-time reporting, mobile support, and regulatory notifications, helps organizations stay one step ahead of risks and drive quick and informed decisions.

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How Our Enterprise and Operational Risk Management Products Help You

Gain Forward-Looking Risk Visibility

Enhance risk visibility and foresight and improve understanding of risk exposure across the organizational hierarchy. Enable a systematic approach towards managing your organizational risks. Standardize risk management processes across the enterprise by providing a central, uniform repository of risk data. Simplify risk data collection and aggregation from across the enterprise and transform it into actionable business intelligence for effective and data-driven decisions.

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Improve Operational Efficiency

Adopt a pervasive approach to operational risk management by effectively unifying risk management activities across all business functions. Facilitate consistent and uniform risk assessments and gain comprehensive visibility into risk exposure and relationships. Manage and minimize losses with streamlined loss reporting and management capabilities. Powerful analytics and reporting tools, paired with detailed dynamic dashboards and charts, offer comprehensive, real-time visibility into ORM processes.

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Confidently Bounce Back from Disruptions

Enable a strong business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) program. Define various business objects and their downstream dependencies in a centralized repository. Identify critical processes, people, and technology, and map associated risks by conducting Business Impact Analyses (BIAs) and continuous risk assessments. Boost confidence and strengthen resilience by effectively streamlining business continuity planning and associated processes to recover quickly in case of crises.

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Empower the Front Line with Intuitive Tools

Effectively collate and aggregate risk data from across the enterprise. Leverage intuitive and user-friendly tools to simplify capturing and reporting business anomalies and status tracking by the front line. Streamline identification of observations and triaging based on criticality from across the organization. Promote a risk-aware culture and encourage better reporting by allowing users to report observations discreetly and anonymously in case of sensitive issues.

How Enterprise and Operational Risk Management Products Benefit Your Business

  • Enable agile and informed decision-making with real-time monitoring of risks, controls, and losses
  • Strengthen operational resilience with improved risk preparedness across operations, supply chains, and third parties
  • Deliver forward-looking risk visibility into top organizational risks with predictive risk metrics and indicators
  • Establish a strong risk data governance and issue reporting framework with clear lines of accountability to reduce losses and adverse events

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