Training Management App

Training management forms a key part of organizational policy, compliance, environmental, and quality control frameworks. Federal regulations such as FDA and OSHA mandates, as well as quality standards like ISO 9000/14000 stipulate requirements around the reporting of training procedures. The MetricStream Training Management App provides an integrated system to manage training programs across the enterprise. The App streamlines and standardizes the process of developing training curricula, and planning and implementing training programs.

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“My Trainings” Portal

Provides an online portal for trainees across the enterprise to manage training requirements, access assigned courses, provide feedback, and fill in training self-assessment forms

Creation of Training Courses and Libraries

Helps develop various training courses, including multi-media based, self-paced, on-the-job, and instructor-led courses; consolidates courses in a central repository for quick reference

Curriculum Management

Enables training managers to select and assign courses to employees based on responsibilities, roles, business group, and employee rosters; supports processes to define course validity and sequence for each curriculum

Instructor-led Training Management

Helps prepare classroom training schedules, define training requirements, assign training responsibilities, and alert trainees; tracks progress of training through powerful dashboards

Course Assignments

Provides access to training course documents, presentations, links, date, time, and venue; tracks if trainees have completed courses on time; offers course completion certificates

Records and Gap Analysis

Maintains audit trails as evidence of training completion; helps measure gap in employee training records; triggers systematic investigations and remediation to close gaps

Reports and Metrics

Provides configurable reports to track course completion, gaps, and instructor and course lists; generates training certificates; helps analyze training metrics based on multiple parameters


  • Simplify training management with a common system to manage SCORM-compliant, self-paced, URL-based, and instructor-led courses
  • Enable a systematic, consistent process for training and certification. Reduce non-compliance risks
  • Create targeted training programs aligned to each stakeholder’s roles, responsibilities, and department
  • Efficiently track the progress and completion of training programs. Proactively identify and address gaps
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