Food & Beverage
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Food & Beverage

Mandates by the FDA and the USDA such as HACCP procedures and ISO 22000-based food safety management systems are the basis for many quality and compliance programs in the food and beverage industry. Companies know all too well that improperly trained employees, substandard products, or poor service can cost millions of dollars a year in lost sales and leave the door open to more severe consequences.

MetricStream provides web-based, end-to-end quality control and quality management solutions to support compliance programs for food safety and quality. Our food quality management solutions enable companies in the food and beverage industry to capture, route, correct, prevent, and analyze system-wide issues between their organization and their trading partners. Unlike records in spreadsheets, paper-based procedures, and email-based processes, MetricStream solutions gives companies the ability to collaborate with their partners, provides a real-time view into quality data, and enables issue-tracking for a closed-loop compliance process.

By unifying all quality and compliance data into one central repository, food and beverage companies can leverage robust reporting, dashboard, and alert capabilities to easily identify trends, overdue actions, and other performance metrics while maintaining detailed scorecards against key performance indicators (KPIs). This increases overall efficiency in their food quality and safety management program.

Leading food and beverage companies have benefited by implementing MetricStream food quality management solution in the following ways:

  • Protect brand image and market share
  • Ensure the highest quality and safety of products
  • Limit liability of food-borne illness events
  • Reduce materials and ingredients costs
  • Improve supplier product quality
  • Improve relationships with trading partners
  • Reduce product waste and downtime
  • Reduce costs of regulatory compliance
  • Ensure currency and integrity of quality documents