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Upcoming Webinars


Reinforce Cloud Security with Governance, Risk & Compliance Framework
January 13, 2015
Attend this webinar where panelists help you understand about Cloud Computing in the risk and compliance context and discuss on the three key imperatives changing the future IT landscape.


Effective Governance for Vendor Risk Management
January 15, 2015
Listen to experts on this exclusive webinar where they discuss the challenges faced by financial institutions in managing third-party relationships, effective ways to address them, and the available tools to aid banks mitigate risks related to third-party vendors.


IT Vendor Governance in a Heightened Regulatory Environment
January 21, 2015
Join this webinar with the risk expert John P. Hurlock, who will discuss the significance of regulatory guidance for managing third party relationships for information technology firms and the role of technology in enhancing their Vendor Risk Management (VRM) frameworks.


Mitigating Risks across the Multi-Tier Supply Chain
January 27, 2015
In this webcast experts focus on how companies can minimize supply chain risks across the wide intricate web of suppliers and sub-suppliers by mapping the supply chain for visibility beyond the first-tier of suppliers


How to Judge the Effectiveness of the Internal Audit Function
January 29, 2015
Join experts at this webinar as they share their ideas on measuring effectiveness, efficiency and performance metrics for an efficient internal audit function. The session also delves on helping the audit committee to act as an "intelligent client".


Strategic Risk Management: Empowering Organizations to Maximize Profits and Mitigate Operational Costs
February 11, 2015
Join this webinar where expert emphasizes on how to use technology to drive the analyses of trends, forces and events related to risks within an organization, thus shedding light on the pitfalls and windfalls associated with it and how these findings could be integrated within a regular process that would allow the decision makers to work strategically to maximize their profits and reduce operational costs.


Emerging Risks - Identification and Integration into ERM
March 31, 2015
Attend this webinar where expert share their insights into identification and contextualization of ‘Emerging Risks’, the new approaches to manage these risks and the challenges and practices for integrating Emerging Risks into ERM.