Upcoming Webinars

A Smart Approach to Complying with Sarbanes-Oxley Act
June 02, 2015
Join this webinar with expert speakers Lynn Fountain, President at Fountain GRC & Former VP Audit and Risk at Aquila Inc. and Susan Palm, Vice President of Industry Solutions at MetricStream to gain insight on tools and techniques required for an organization to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and position internal auditors to take advantage of the opportunities the act presents.

Enterprise Policy Management 101
June 03, 2015
This webinar featuring expert Michael Rasmussen Chief GRC Pundit, GRC 20/20 Research takes the participants through the various critical aspects of Enterprise Policy management and associated business advantages of maintaining the policies in a more structured and streamlined manner.

Integrating Cyber Security into Business Continuity Strategies to Achieve Organizational Resilience
June 03, 2015
Attend this informative webinar, in association with Disaster Recovery Journal, where experts Ian Clark, Chair of the Global Membership Council at Business Continuity Institute (BCI,) and Yo Delmar, VP of Governance, Risk, and Compliance at MetricStream, share valuable thoughts on achieving resilience by converging business continuity, ICT service continuity and cyber security strategies across diverse ecosystems in an organization.

Conflict Minerals, REACH, ROHS: Addressing Product Compliance Challenges
June 03, 2015
Join this exclusive MetricStream hosted webinar with Ron Jones, CEO and Founder of N-Able Group International and Swapnil Srivastav: Assistant Marketing Manager at MetricStream as they talk about the key material compliance regulations and best practices to effectively manage material compliance requirements.

Product Safety and Compliance Program - Avoid Recalls and Minimize Testing Cost
June 04, 2015
Join this exclusive MetricStream hosted complimentary webinar with Gene Rider, President at Rider Technologies and Manu Gopeendran, Associate Director at MetricStream as they discuss the best practices and approaches to create an effective product safety and compliance program that will help avoid costly recalls.

Best Practices to Manage Complex Third Party Networks
June 08, 2015
In this webcast experts discuss the importance of stratifying third parties and using specific methodologies to manage them at each stage.

Achieve and Maintain NERC Compliance through an Automated Framework
June 10, 2015
Join this session where our experts touch upon the key points in achieving NERC Compliance through an automated framework.

Key Imperatives to Auditing Risks in Real-Time
June 16, 2015
Join Norman Marks, an Evangelist and industry expert for Internal Auditing and Risk Management on this webinar, as he shares valuable insights on the value of Internal Audit in assessing the emerging and evolving business risks for creating risk-aware organizations.

Meeting the Challenge of Effective Risk Reporting
June 16, 2015
Attend this informative session hosted in association with GARP where the panelists Gordon E. Goodman, Director, Governance & Enterprise Risk Management, NRG Energy and Brenda Boultwood, Senior Vice President of Industry Solutions at MetricStream discuss how risk report can help Board identify and prioritize key risks in the business, provide transparency for the trade-offs involved, and support management’s decision/rational for taking on those risks.

Simplifying Regulatory Change Management with a Next-Gen GRC Framework
June 17, 2015
Join this webinar where experts from Deloitte and MetricStream discuss the critical components of a successful and systematic regulatory change management framework and the role of technology in improving the approach towards regulatory change management and integrating it into the overall GRC strategy within the BFSI industry.

A Practical Guide to Meeting Cybersecurity Requirements
June 17, 2015
Join this exclusive MetricStream hosted webinar to learn more about tackling cybersecurity issues and how technology can help consolidate separate laws, standards, and regulations to provide clear visibility on your cybersecurity requirements.

Managing your FDA 483 Observations Effectively
June 24, 2015
Join this 60-minute webinar, where Life Sciences Organizations can learn the best practices and some key guidelines to handle FDA 483.

Compliance Week Webinar : Preemptive Measures to Ensure Supplier Compliance
June 25, 2015
Join this exclusive ComplianceWeek hosted webinar with experts from Ernst & Young and MetricStream as they discuss how organizations can take a proactive approach to manage supplier non-compliance in this multi-regulatory environment.

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