Upcoming Webinars

Leveraging Data Control and GRC for Securing Data on the Cloud - A Practical Guide for Immediate Challenges and an Overview of Long-Term Research Challenges
July 14, 2015
Join this webinar with Vibhav Agarwal, Associate Director of Product Marketing, MetricStream, and Dr Ryan Ko, Head of Cyber Security Lab at University of Waikato, to learn how a GRC-based security strategy and returning data control to users can ensure the security of cloud data.

Operational Risk Management App Overview
July 15, 2015
Join this webinar with Aswin Kumar, Senior Product Manager at MetricStream, as he shares his insight on how MetricStream’s Operational Risk Management App can help make risk-intelligent decisions, and gain enterprise-wide visibility into organizational objectives and goals.

Internal Audit Management App Overview
July 16, 2015
Join this webinar with Nisha Sharma, Senior Manager - Product Marketing at MetricStream, to learn how to manage a wide range of audit-related activities and ensure faster audit execution with a risk-based internal audit management program.

Global Regulatory Updates: Product Safety and Chemical Compliance
July 22, 2015
Join this webinar with Stacey Bowers, Global regulatory specialists at Compliance & Risks, to get the latest updates on product safety regulations, and learn how to streamline compliance processes and mitigate reputational risks to avoid financial losses.

App Overview - Conflict Minerals Compliance Management
July 23, 2015
Join this webinar with Pallavi Pramod, Associate Director of Product Management at MetricStream as she shares his insight on how the MetricStream Conflict Minerals Compliance Management App can improve visibility and strengthen compliance with the Dodd-Frank Act.

PCI 3.1 Debuts - Embracing Changes & Managing Complexities
July 28, 2015
Join this webinar where experts from HCL and MetricStream share valuable insights on the latest updates on PCI DSS, and gain insight on maintaining PCI DSS controls with an integrated GRC framework.

Enterprise Risk Management App Overview
August 11, 2015
Join this webinar, where expert showcases MetricStream's Enterprise Risk Management tool, explain its features, and tell you why it is one of the most effective solutions in the market.

Technology to Simplify Third Party Management
August 27, 2015
Join this webinar with Pallavi Pramod, Associate Director of Product Management at MetricStream to gain insight on how to strengthen third party risk management and gain real-time visibility into third party risks with the MetricStream Third Party Management App.

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