MetricStream’s Euphrates Release. 6 Innovations to Power Your GRC Journey

Euphrates Release
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The potential of GRC as a business growth enabler is immense. As businesses seek to build resilience in a volatile environment marked by geopolitical tensions, economic instability, health challenges, and an escalating climate crisis, a connected GRC approach that is agile, intelligent, proactive, and data-driven empowers organizations to adapt quickly and get ahead of risks. Facilitating this is your GRC software solution. Your solution should be intuitive and easily configurable, making it simple to use for risk, compliance, cyber, and ESG teams. Your solution should work for your teams to provide real-time, autonomous monitoring capabilities that can proactively capture vulnerabilities, control for limitations, and manage regulatory updates.

At MetricStream, we are committed to simplifying and streamlining how organizations manage, measure, and mitigate risk. And with the speed and scale of risk events today – and the expansion of cyber, ESG, third-party, and compliance risks – accelerating access to and delivering intuitive GRC solutions is critical to risk and resiliency management success. The innovations in our latest software release do just that—help you gain an advantage through automation, configurability, simplicity, and a connected GRC experience.

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Euphrates Release Innovations: Built to Empower Risk, Compliance, Cyber, and ESG Teams

MetricStream’s latest release, Euphrates, has multiple new features and functionalities to celebrate. Connected GRC insights, ease of configurability, continuous control monitoring, automated evidence management, and regulatory inventory scanning, are just a few of what’s new in this release. Scroll down to read the top 6 innovations of the Euphrates release.

  • Fast, Easy, and Secure Configurations with Low-Code/No-Code

    Your organization is unique and so are your requirements! With the Euphrates release, it is simple for you to configure our ConnectedGRC products for your specific use cases. Low-code enables you to use GRC domain-specific language, built on the Groovy scripting language, to tailor our product to your organizational, team, or individual user’s needs—with minimal effort. No-code enables your non-tech teams to upskill and configure their own product experiences with simple drag-and-drop interfaces, enabling them to personalize applications, create and change fields, and build reports and templates. And all these configurations are automatically saved and applicable to your environment even when you upgrade to newer versions.

  • Connected GRC Insights in Minutes

    As a future-ready organization, you know the importance of having a panoramic view of your organizational GRC posture to make informed business decisions. With the Euphrates release, data sharing between MetricStream products and third-party GRC solutions allows you to gain a comprehensive, contextual, and more accurate view of risks – within minutes, not hours, not days. And it gets better! You can configure the data-sharing capability in a few simple clicks to get a personalized report.

  • Faster, Easier Approach to Assessments in Operational Risk

    The strategic role that the frontline plays in risk management cannot be emphasized enough. With the Euphrates release, your organization is now empowered to improve risk awareness by enabling your frontline employees with either a simple, intuitive approach or a more detailed option to complete timely, observational risk assessments. For first-line users, no prior settings are required; for second-line risk managers, demands are reduced while assessment scope and speed are increased. And by eliminating the dependency on the second and third lines, your frontline is empowered to participate more actively.

  • Curated Regulatory Intelligence

    Keeping up with the constantly changing regulatory landscape is a continuous challenge for many organizations. With the Euphrates release, you now have exclusive access to multiple regulatory content providers, including Compliance.ai, Thomson Reuters, and CUBE. New for the Euphrates release is our extensive partnership with CUBE, the world’s most comprehensive source of regulatory intelligence, capturing regulatory content across more than 700 jurisdictions and 5,000 regulatory authorities. As integrated with MetricStream’s Regulatory Change Management, CUBE allows customers access to regulatory inventory, where regulations curated to their unique risk and regulatory profile are preloaded into the MetricStream environment. Along with horizon scanning and regulatory change alerts, customers can easily stay one step ahead of regulatory change with our content partners.

  • Hyper-Automate Compliance with Autonomous Control Testing on AWS

    Today’s organizations are able to meet peak demands by leveraging cloud services. However, securing dynamic cloud assets and third-party products requires constant monitoring. Continuous control monitoring (CCM) capabilities, now available on AWS environments, allows your organization to automate control testing across cloud environments, initiate remedial actions, and map cloud security controls with your internal protocols and compliance standards (such as NIST CSF, PCI, ISO 27001, and HIPAA).

  • Streamlined Disclosure Metrics and Reporting Processes

    Accurately assessing ESG risk is a vital and urgent business imperative demanded by regulators, customers, investors, and other stakeholders. However, companies need the right tools that ensure streamlined ESG disclosure metrics and reporting processes. With the Euphrates release, MetricStream’s ESGRC product includes pre-built disclosure frameworks, templates, formulas, and one-click reporting that allows organizations to convert disparate and varied emissions reporting into a single greenhouse gas metric. This metric allows for a better understanding of reporting, industry performance, and year-over-year trends. These new capabilities enhance the disclosure reporting process, provide the flexibility to configure reports, and simplify navigation and accessibility.

The Euphrates innovation brings several other innovations all with the aim to help your organization advance on its GRC maturity curve, drive business value and growth, and become future-ready.

Download Now: What’s New in the Euphrates Release

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