CUBE Partners with MetricStream to Bolster Client Decision-Making and Compliance Capabilities

LONDON – November 30, 2021 - Regtech pioneers CUBE today announced a partnership with MetricStream, the global market leader in integrated risk management and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions. The partnership enables customers to utilise CUBE’s automated regulatory intelligence alongside the MetricStream Platform, allowing businesses to create rich analyses and derive deep insights for driving business decisions.

CUBE ensures that throughout the regulatory change management lifecycle, only relevant data will be presented to the users for further action, including impact analysis, compliance mitigation, or downstream policy/procedure updates.

“We are delighted to partner with MetricStream, said Ben Richmond, Founder and CEO, CUBE “This partnership represents a significant opportunity to deliver extensive coverage of international regulation to MetricStream’s global customer base and leveraging CUBE’s 10 years of experience and expertise in transforming regulatory data into regulatory intelligence”

“Partnering with CUBE allows us to further automate regulatory intelligence practices, eliminating costly data gathering and verification exercises for our customer,” said John Johasky, Chief Sales Officer, MetricStream. “Customers need valuable risk management insights, and this collaboration represents a significant step forward in terms speed and access.”

MetricStream and CUBE have established a real-time API connection to ensure that all data is available directly to MetricStream, and all associated client processes. Clients can utilise CUBE’s platform and content with MetricStream GRC products as an end-to-end regulatory intelligence solution, automating data gathering, triage and applicability. This allows end-users to focus on value added analysis and action, with the opportunity to shift their compliance and regulatory change regime to 100% proactive. Integrating with MetricStream Regulatory and Corporate Compliance solutions organizations can track regulatory changes and enact the required changes in their compliance program to ensure they are meeting the new compliance obligations.

CUBE’s unprecedented regulatory coverage for Financial Institutions across 180 countries supports clients to operate their regulatory change management program within a single, unified source. CUBE is driven by AI, Machine Learning, and RPA and monitors over 3000 issuing bodies including regulators, government, associations, agencies. It enhances the data by classifying against a Financial Services ontology - automatically translating to English from 60 languages - establishing direct linkages across alerts and in force requirements.

About CUBE

CUBE is a global RegTech boasting the world’s most comprehensive source of classified, meaningful regulatory intelligence. Born of the 2008 financial crisis, CUBE combines industry-leading technology and automation with expert-validated insights to enable global financial institutions to streamline their complex regulatory change management processes.

Using leading techniques in artificial intelligence, including machine learning and natural language processing, CUBE captures and classifies all regulatory content across 180 countries in 60 languages and maps it to customers’ compliance frameworks, from financial crime to cyber, privacy, tech risk and more.


About MetricStream

MetricStream is the global market leader of integrated risk management and GRC solutions that empower organizations to thrive on risk by accelerating growth via risk-aware decisions. We connect governance, risk management and compliance across the extended enterprise to enable resilience and digital transformation. MetricStream is headquartered in San Jose, California, with an operations and R&D center in Bangalore, India, and sales and operations support around the globe. More information is available at www.metricstream.com, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.