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Customer Stories

Hear our customers narrate their unique experiences on how using our GRC software in risk, compliance, audit, IT and cyber, third-party, and quality management has helped them in driving business performance.

  • “We were…very different cultures…with a lot of disparate systems…We're starting to work with MetricStream…to bring the real culture together at Western Digital.”

    Kris Rossfeld
    Head of Anticorruption and Antitrust Compliance
    Western Digital Corporation
  • “The savings are immense [with MetricStream]. I mean we reduce the time it takes to resolve issues by probably half. We saved on capital costs by about 54.5%...”

    Ian Sanchez
    GRC Program Manager
    Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago (FHLBC)
  • “Layering in technology such as MetricStream allowed us to have transparency of information, all in one place and across all of our offices and…practices.”

    Jennifer Sheets
    Chief Clinical Officer
    Bayada Home Healthcare
  • There has been increased public pressure to improve governance and improve regulation -- even the regulators are being regulated.

    Tom Harper
    EVP and General Auditor
    Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago (FHLBC)
  • Technology certainly helps improve the efficiency of regulatory compliance through automation. And in terms of agility, technology allows our offices across the globe to access the information they need, whenever they need it, thus reducing dependency on a single individual.

    Carin Stuart
    Associate Manager Government Affairs
  • A lot of time may be spent on the design phase of a GRC program, but ultimately, it's about how the program is implemented. There needs to be a focus on engagement, communication, follow-up, and the sustainability of the GRC program.

    Dr. Mark Hodgkinson
    Operational Excellence Manager
    Bahrain National Oil Company (BAPCO)
  • Technology is an integral part of any GRC strategy, and it should be factored into the overall corporate strategy, as most organizations are no longer location-centric but information-centric

    Dr. R.Seetharaman
    Group CEO
    Doha Bank
  • Technology is an enabler, it helps in establishing consistent practices and standards amongst all our risk disciplines

    Zach Sokolski
    ERM Program Manager
    Whitney Bank
  • The auditor is like a critical friend and an evangelist within the organization who takes everyone along on the GRC journey.

    Group Chief Internal Audit & CSR Officer
  • The MetricStream GRC Solution has helped us automate our entire audit process from planning, implementation, follow-ups and production of reports

    Dr. Modestus Kipilimba
    Director - Risk Management
    Bank of Tanzania
  • We have engaged [on the MetricStream Community] throughout the implementation and found the interactions and materials quite useful.

    Dominic Ricchio
    Senior Technology Officer
    Bank of Montreal
  • [GRC] is truly a strategic implementation. [By using a GRC tool], you can save a lot of time, streamline your processes, and get people across the organization to use the same tool, thus increasing transparency and accountability.

    Michael Cover
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
  • There has been increased public pressure to improve governance and improve regulation -- even the regulators are being regulated.

    Tom Harper
    FHLB of Chicago
  • A single, real-time view of risk data is critical to supporting sound and strategic decision-making.

    Sandra Laughlin
    Chief Risk Officer
  • At TPDC, we look to integrate risk management into our day-to-day activities.

    Charles Nyangi
    Acting Director of Internal Audit
  • We selected MetricStream as our risk management technology partner because of its simplicity and usability.

    Toby Shore
    Dubai Aluminium
  • At INC Research, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality, MetricStream’s solutions will be an important part of sustaining those standards of quality as we grow and expand.

    Wayne Whittingham
    Vice President, Corporate Quality
  • Leveraging MetricStream technology will help us improve efficiencies and performance.

    Michelle Lamberton
    Vice President of Internal Audit
  • MetricStream is helping us improve the efficiency, tracking, and transparency of our quality management program.

    Christine Feaster
    Director of Global Quality Assurance
  • The MetricStream system makes it easy to identify risks, enabling us to close out most supplier risks within 30 days.

    Sadhana Deot
    Director of Corporate Quality, Trimble Inc
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