Mar 16, 2021 9.00 am
Eastern Time

Making Operational Risk Program a Performance Enabler through Integrated Risk Management

Attend this webinar to hear from experts on how an integrated risk management approach can empower the board to take bolder and better decisions to ensure a sustainable performance while alleviating and perhaps eliminating negative outcomes of exposure. 



Mar 18, 2021 11.00 am
Eastern Time

Stay on Top of Risks: Rediscover Internal Audit with Agility

Join this webinar to learn from experts on how auditors can redefine the audit purview and stay on top of risks, while handling unforeseen challenges like remote auditing, shifting priorities, scattered teams, and unknown risks.



Mar 24, 2021 11.00 am
Eastern Time

Learnings from SolarWinds Hack: Protecting Your Business from Third and Fourth-party Risks

Attend this webinar to understand the crippling effect of a third party or a fourth party breach on your business.


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Past Events

Internal Auditors Bridge the Gap From Traditional To “Agile” Approach with Technology

Join this webinar, to understand how MetricStream Internal Audit Management can be leveraged for Dynamic Planning and Execution along with collaboration capabilities to add value, and help audit teams stay relevant.

Mitigate Regulatory Risk with an Integrated Compliance Management Approach

Join this webinar where experts will discuss the need for an integrated approach that can help organizations gain efficiencies, reduce costs, while also strengthening the overall compliance posture and risk profile.

Managing Interrelated Risks with Integrated Risk Management

Join this webinar to hear from experts on how Integrated Risk Management can provide a comprehensive understanding of existing and emerging risks and their inter-relationships.

MetricStream M7 Case and Incident Management – A Preview

Join this webinar where experts will share insights on how The MetricStream Case and Incident Management enables organizations to establish and follow consistent procedures for case and incident planning and administration, recording, triaging, routing, investigating, tracking, and closure.

Executive Tips to Present Cybersecurity to the Board

Join this webinar hosted by ITGRC Forum where panel of experts will discuss how to present cybersecurity to the board and get their buy-in.

Building Trust by Harnessing Risk

Join this webinar where experts will discuss how building an agile risk and compliance program guided by leading practices can help transform the way your organization operates across all lines of defense.

Staying Relevant and Driving Value-Add Auditing

Join this webinar featuring Lynn Fountain, where she will share her insights on how auditors should be looking beyond the traditional methodologies and effectively respond to the rapidly changing risk landscape.

Stay on Top of Regulatory Changes with MetricStream and Compliance.ai

Join this webinar where experts from MetricStream and Compliance.ai will discuss how to reduce the time spent on regulatory change management activities by leveraging Compliance. ai’s regulatory intelligence content directly within the MetricStream Regulatory Change Management platform.

Refocusing on the Boundaries of the Extended Enterprise

Join this webinar where experts will throw some light on how organization can adopt a more holistic, resilient approach to TPRM which will help them to become more proactive, precautionary, and help them to manage their third parties more effectively.

Enabling the data-driven and intelligent enterprise using GRC technology

In this webinar, experts will share experiences of organizations digitizing their governance, risk and compliance (GRC) functions and explore some of the technology being used to automate controls.